SOS They’re Taking Us – Ep 10


  1. Wow! I just spent my Sunday morning watching all 10 episodes. Goes right along with a number of books that were recently suggested for me to read by a friend. Love coincidences! If they really do exist….I appreciate all the information brought forth, to bring us all to this place in history where we obviously are ready to absorb the extraordinary, and almost unbelievable ferocity that has taken place in the eternal cosmos.
    I feel so small all of a sudden, only because my mind can hardly comprehend the enormity of it quite possibly being true.
    And yet, this is the kind of information that pulls me in, and puts its hooks into me.
    Thank you Corey, and Fabio Santos!
    Thank you for keeping us in the loop!

  2. God’s Word Proclaims in Last Days, do not be Deceived by False Prophets as Satan Goes about as a Roaring Lion Seeking whom he may–he can Often Appear as a Angel of Light. He is the Father of Liars…

  3. Hi everyone ! Thanks for this video. I was told once by some benevolent ET that everything and everyone would return to the Prime Creator. But before that, living and existing have to be a challenge, that is how the mighty Universe wants us to evolute, it’s the only way to obtain consciousness. Of course, it’s very difficult and painful for those who dare shifting to their angelic nature. We are now living a massive awakening as planet Earth is rising to higher frequencies and the dark forces will not reach all their goals, except with those who are still unfamiliar with what is happening right now. So, keep faith, be loving and spread compassion with much Love as possible..

  4. Thanks for the video. The last part, when the grey one is speaking, veeeery-very much aligns with my inner work. Technically the same idea, I was measuring and starting to accept in myself in the last 1-2 years, maybe even accepted.
    This huge overlapping in content and also in timing with this video, whereas I had quite much returning memories from past lifes… this overlapping makes me wonder, what the f* is happening right now, this huge synchronicity I’m sure is the sign for something- I dont know yet though, for what.
    Still don’t know, if gives me a good and peaceful or troubled chill, so I try to go with the wave and be conscious at the same time, this way maybe catch my personal fears and desires.
    The growing feeling of understanding surely strengthens the peacefulness in me, and these videos are part of this process. Will see where this goes.

    1. Re-center and ground yourself. Remember joy, peace, rational thought, and love (friendship, etc.). Surround yourself with a healing bubble. Step into your heart center. Put your spirit jacket back on. We’re all here together.