SOS They’re Taking Us – Ep 5

SOS They're Taking Us by Fabio Santos

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  1. I am a true dedicated listener of Corey good since the beginning, he’s the real deal, it is quite clear to me now years later reinforced why he was chosen over and over again because he will not waver, he will not be dismayed, he will not be scared of submission, he will not be bought, he will not be corrupted, this is coming directly from his soul, he is Enoch. That being said just hearing his innocent child like humble chuckles, laughter reminds me why he was chosen. So all this information is so vital so deeply important so vastly beyond what most can comprehend is going on I am truly truly grateful it is being shared with us finally . We humans all 8 billion of us are very loving non-warring eager to meet emerge we are attracted to opposites we are all incredibly loving and waiting to unify once our slave owners are finally not allowed to lie to us anymore and we can make our own decisions. Ultimately what they fear most. Is of simply knowing the truth. Thank you so much. I’ve been praying for 40 years so the powers of good to use me eternally over and over again to assist in the powers of good. 14,000+ Uber trips I do what I can to share knowledge in small digestible increments and I’m always amazed how starving most are for the littlest smallest bit of information.

  2. The war jist began no benevolent end is coming sorry I was supposed to fight them I accidentally in sleep joined them sorry and when I die will be killed and replaced shit happens enjoy the show

  3. The so called christ guy also is another group trying to enslave us for his own ends meet all of them might fight but if someone wanted an age of peace and prosperity in his dimension they would stop him at all costs

      1. Yeah bong hits are a dimension go listen to less friction a world without sun and think why the comments are turned off.
        This guy is real but he is working for the same guys I worked for before enjoy the hell that the next 30 years will be for all of humanity I will personally choose to die to witness this crap if I could

      1. The greys reproduce jist fine all of them reproduce just fine this is a hybridization program they come infiltrate and hybirdize. When resources are about to run dry they depopulate and leave their elites in charge …. btw I absolutely hate the greys for using a specific tech to rape my mind for nearly past 12 years you have no idea how evil the tall greys are

          1. Sorry for spelling I stopped caring a long time ago btw angels are real divinity is real countless gods in universe blah blah also not proud of what I did I jist feel helpless to undo it

          2. Basicly when you are sleeping anyone can do anything they want to you in dream realm hell I might have offspring I never met

      2. Also porn is funny cause till 23 and when that tech was used on me I never even jerked it once these beings forcibly make us reproduce and I said no but they still took a child from me by force this life

        1. Also I ain’t joking when I say 3 different group are gangstalking my life since I moved to America….. make it 4 but 3 literally bought houses next to mine jist to annoy me with their versions of truth

          1. I was the guy who wanted disclosure and release of reversed engineering of et tech they told me no all groups wanna know why cause so they can control your fates beliefs and lives