SOS They're Taking Us - Ep 3

SOS They're Taking Us by Fabio Santos

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  1. Some says grey is just cyborgs but this video said they are ET who has lost reproductions capabilities.  If they lost reproductions capabilities how they being born and how can they impregnated human women or making hybrid?  The ideas of DNA manipulations and stories of greys abduct human for producing their races to live on Earth is flaw.   I would rather believe these Greys are same like human man who are addicted to porn and lost their own reproduction capabilities due to over addiction to porn and even sex with different species like a demon.  It is same like some Satanist cult who make human man to have sex with animals or using animals sex with human.  In simple terms, these people call themselves “fallen Angel” is incorrect.  They are just rebels who live against nature and suffer from sickness or illness spiritually as they are overly addicted to porn of sex.  The stories of ET abductions for experiments is just “side effects”.   They just want to experience the feeling of human sex activities same like all physical beings in animal and humanoids realms.

    1. It’s not that they are cyborgs OR they lost that they became infertile, it’s BOTH. They were losing fertility, but it was not 100% of their race. To keep the numbers they would make biological clones just like them, without a soul. In these ships from the 10 greys that appear maybe 2 are biological born greys with souls, the other 8 would be clones. They were doomed into exctinction if they didnt solve the fertility problem so they made a deal with the government to exchange technology with the compliance of the government to let them make the abductions, they just put in the contract that they should not harm the abductees and wipe their memory. They did the sexual experiments to create hybrid races between Earth Humans and Greys, in which they succeed.

      To call them rapist or demons is hypocrital since we, humans, make worse experiments with 2D animals. We abuse, rape, torture and abduct animals in a daily basis by the hundreds of thousands using medical advances as an excuse, which includes remedies for fertility problems and STDs. Some of these abductions that we do are not even for medical advance, sometimes it’s just for sport, selfish reasons, or pure malicious reasons. Check out what we are doing to the oceans for example, to the forests. When karma allows greys to come and do the same to us it’s just a reflection of ourselves. If we want to stop letting them have permission to do it then WE need to stop doing it, then karmic laws will not allow them to take as again. So before having the victim mentality we should take responsibility looking into our own mess as a race first.

  2. I’m sure you did not mean that a woman stops producing eggs. You meant ovulation stops and the eggs don’t mature for release. A woman is born with all of her eggs. Men on the other hand do produce new sperm all the time. I’m not saying I don’t believe you. What I don’t believe is why those grays with all their tech have to make you have sex when even we measly humans can extract eggs and implant them without sex. Why do they feel the need to cause so much pain when even we have invented anesthetics. All I can guess is that they are feeding on that energetic pain. Grays just sound like idiots with high tech toys they don’t know how to really use. If the mothers are abducted, then the children, then they let these women have children of their own eventually at least. Just sucks that it’s for their continuation of abductions.

    1. it seems they modified their genetic code too much and as a result, became increasingly sterile; also the ai nanites infestation may cause problems for their race too, since it was said it would replace them with progressively more inorganic life forms?. but who am i to talk.