1. Thank you Corey, it is obvious people are being misled if they would just consider it and think more clearly about the info they’re getting. Even this info I look at very carefully and try to stay in neutral, we need to keep fighting for our freedom, we’re all meant to just say no, it is so simple, it’s to hard for many to see.
    It is sad to watch how so many have lost they’re inner knowing, power and decrement.

  2. Absolutely fascinating.
    Have been trying to jam in.
    THE real history of the Earth.
    AND…the ETs history.
    including the Earth dumbs Moon Mares ceres and Jupitor. So…….please keep me well informed. I think we are almost there. 80’/, of World Population has woken up.
    MR T…..will make his move.
    ALL cabak leaders will finally be removed. We are almost home and hosed. Looking good so far. 🚂🚃🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇳🇿🇳🇿🇳🇿🎼🎵🎶….🤗🤗🤗🖐

  3. Thank you for this information.

    Does this mean that the Tall Grays influenced by the AI god are working with the Nordics, which are the same Arian race the Natzis were looking for in their expeditions to find Ultima Thule in Hyperborea?

    Correct me if I am wrong…

  4. Hi Saul, thanks for posting your link to the Planetary Liberation Petition. The more signatures the quicker we can get full discloser and Intervention, we have nothing to loose and everything to gain by doing so. Signing the petition also acts as a grounding action for the wish to be Liberated from this prison planet and it’s quarantine, a process of manifesting this intention.  You can also sign at this second place for the petition. You don’t need to leave name and address with this one, just a name and email. Please only sign One or the other but not both petitions.
    Corey if you feel guided please forward this link on you social media platforms, it will help greatly. Thanks for your recent Intel, it’s good to see you back in full swing 🙏🏼❤️🌈

  5. After testing the IQ of the AI god, I sent to remove all of its negative energy. This I do by pendulum, basically an exorcism – see my various exorcisms on youtube, for example Helping Nancy Pelosi.
    That process took 50 minutes. It, the IQ god, no longer exists. The “black goo” as described by Megan Rose (see her videos) still exists, with the same IQ. Hopefully not for long.

  6. I already said it before, the good thing about having the possibility of translating into Spanish or other languages. I don’t know if YouTube would delete this video, but you have to bear in mind that on that platform there is automatic translation of the videos. Opening of conscience not only for English speakers !!!!!

    Ya lo expresé antes, lo bueno de tener posibilidad de traducir al español u otros idiomas. No sé si youtube borraría este video, pero hay que tener en cuenta que en esa plataforma hay traducción automática de los videos. ¡apertura de conciencia no solo para ingles hablantes!!!!!