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  1. Corey, whomever sold to you the idea that evolution can only deeply occur through stress and tragedy is only less than 50% correct…. They have missed the whole boat when it comes to Agape… No joke Corey, extropic function of universe is essentially being ignored… I would like to see you and your advisors give at least 10 examples that are clear concise and fully repeatable by the laws of multiverse, scientific method, and of course the law of one under the one infinite creator… I have seen the true light beings, and I am fully aware and conversant in extropic technology including the ability to remodel present nuclear technology so that the author may be directly converted into basic periodic table elements in unlimited quantities… As a child I witnessed my own father finish the tokamak Fusion reactors and adapt them for the very space fleet craft that you experienced your journeys in… Extrophic function of universe in no way implies the fallacy of perpetual motion…. If consciousness of the sacred universal infinite creator is not understood as the infinite substrate of all multiverse then one is left with no Foundation and no true ability to create or perceive… Entropy allowed only physics is indeed the terrible aberration into which we were delusionally brought up and conditioned into by argument of force…. The only thing that was missing in the public school system was a concrete wall and an execution squad… The grading system was in fact a ritual execution of those who would not accept the removal of their souls true abilities and expression… When one gets beyond this at least in some small way we can start making progress towards true co-creation…. I would not be so quick to buy into a future of 1,000 years of violence and cannibalism… That my friend is unfortunately the optimal negative outcome…

    1. God is typically how westerners who have inherited a monotheistic orientation to the One relate to it. If you read Law of One and even the more recent work of Dr. David Hawkins, however, Yaweh negatively influence or distorted humanity’s perception and relationship to the Infinite Creator. The point of viewing the God of the bible/Koran as the infinite Creator is to help go beyond humanity’s limited perception/understanding to reach a less culturally and historically conditioned version of ultimate reality/God.