Corey talks with Jeffrey Ashur about QHHT

Ascension Course Series

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  1. Unhapilly subtitles cannot be switched to autotranslate to another languages. My english is not so great. Autotransation is very heplfull for me. At your videos on youtube platform it is possible. Can you set your non-youtube video viewer scripts to allow autotranslate? Thanx!

  2. Thank you Corey & Stacey for interviewing Jeffrey on this subject and thanks to Jeffrey for being so open about his own experiences. I’ve read many of Delores Cannon’s books and hope to find a QHHT person here in Australia nearby. I had a spontaneous past life experience from medieval times come forth back in 1992 whilst having a healing. A vision showed me myself and a young knight in training who I was deeply in love with together in the forest. I watched stunned as a knight who I knew to be my guardian galloping at speed come upon us with sword drawn. He wielded his sword and killed the young knight, I turned to him and said ‘you might as well kill me too because I will hate you for eternity for what you have done’. In his jealous rage he did exactly that. Prior in 1979 I had experienced deja vu and struggled with that, my brother had introduced my husband and I to his friend. In that moment our eyes were transfixed and I felt great difficulty pulling my gaze away, because I knew in that moment that I knew this man intimately and yet we had never met. You see my soul knew and from there pieces of information kept filtering through. My realisation was this that my husband was my guardian and my brother’s friend was the young knight from that life. So here I was married to the one who killed me and was experiencing a deep love for this man I had just met. The emotions are very powerful, though i might add that I found myself in a predicament of loving both as my marriage had been wonderful to this point. There is much more to this story however after a time my husband and I worked through our karma and I have forgiven him. The other man and I lost touch after a while though he did come to me after his passing to let me know he was now in spirit. I’ve learnt over time that we had tried several times to balance the situation in many different roles and had not been successful and this was something we came to finalise at this specific time of ascension.
    Hope this helps to give you a bigger understanding of these past life experiences of learning to love one another. I was told by Spirit back in 2008 that past, present and future lives are happening concurrently and because of what is about to occur I was given the analogy of seeing it as a necklace and I am the lynch pin or clasp. I’ve chosen to go through all I have to release any and all karma from all fragments.
    So again thank you for the work you all are doing. Warm regards, Marnee

  3. I’m adding a little more to Corey’s question regarding if a person doesn’t believe in past lives:

    My understanding is that our HS knows exactly what we need to hear during a QHHT session, and if the person is on the fence about past lives, the HS will show/explain what is necessary in a way that is comfortable for them. It’s a beautiful thing! Always in the highest good! I read my first, of many, Dolores Cannon books in 2014. I believe this was about the same time I came across Corey on Gaia TV with David Wilcock : )

    1. Brilliant Amitty…You’ve shared most insightful thoughts here and I salute you. No matter what, our HS (or SubConscious as Dolores says) is orchestrating the whole thing… and for our highest good. As we connect with it again & again in this way, we get better & better at it, learning to trust more & more and it gets easier & easier all the time.

  4. Some people in QHHT get completely surprised connections with ETs who speak through them, or get to experience an abduction or alien hybrids through QHHT… I once heard a session from the 1980s where a woman started talking with a mechanical AI voice and claimed to look like the ET on Whitney Strieber’s book cover. The ET said that she was actually not a human life. She was specifically sent to Earth dimension to serve like some kind of radio to keep the ET’s informed what was happening on Earth and to try and influence it positively. When she came out of her session, she was completely stunned. She had never been interested in ET’s, never studied about them or watch movies about ET’s. But her session was very deep, and very detailed, almost like a Secret Space Program disclosure.

  5. QHHT is incredible. And the more skilled the hypnotist is in how they structure the questioning to access the subconscious mind, the more interesting and intense the session can get. People can resolve their diseases with QHHT through the access to their own subconscious state. Dolores Cannon completely transformed the way hypnosis regression is used.

  6. I have not heard of QHHT but have had vivid memories, many re-occurring dreams and waking experiences of a past life. It took nearly 3 decades to experience my death in this life. in that death, I finally come to terms with this experience. Lots of guilt and trauma from this life that seemed to be hundreds if not thousands of years ago. To Remember is the greatest gift to Healing I feel. Thanks for this video share!

  7. This talk is GREAT… I am fascinated since many years about Dolores Canon works. She had received so many messages about whats happening and theories & mind blowing subjects!!!

    Am glad to see that here <3

  8. As a QHHT internship practitioner, I navigated clients through some interesting phenomenon during their sessions which put into question, for me, my previous understanding of time and space. I think these considerations are what put the ‘quantum’ in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT).

    While my clients were under deep hypnosis, the SC (Dolores’ term, I use Universal Awareness [UA], some use Higher Self, etc.) directed the clearing of entities which attached in previous/parallel lives, or clearing of entities attached in current life, the returning of a form of ‘self’ in previous life to Source after being stuck in what UA said was a temporal storm in the universal fabric even though the ‘rest’ of the client had gone on to incarnate in her ‘present’ life. UA also directed the return of clients to a scene visited in the first part of their regression to fulfill their request for healing. UA directed them to experience in somnambulistic state, a rewritten version of the experience in order to reverse the effect of the ‘original’ experience on their life.

    I was not prepared in my training to expect UA to present those kinds of issues for resolution during the sessions, much less direct me in how to facilitate the healing. They were unusual circumstances for me as a Level One Intern. I think I got my clients through it all because I trusted Dolores’ technique and the process UA guided me through with each client. Even though Dolores has passed from our physical plane of existence, she has a presence in my sessions as a guide and teacher, and other practitioners report the same. During my training, she had messages for me and to convey later to my class. I had invited her to ‘come through’ with any advice during my own QHHT session.

    I think we are all extraordinary beings, those of us still ‘here,’ and those of us still dedicated to ‘here,’ like Dolores. I think as a collective, we are focused on monumental transformation of ourselves and the planet with harmonious ripple effects out into our Universe. QHHT can play an important role in empowering us in this endeavor. We each have different tools and talents to share with each other, as we unlock our inner power and work cooperatively for liberation.

  9. Yes! I’m a BQH practitioner and work closely with several QHHT practitioners/friends… this is great info for those who’ve never had QHHT or BQH! Thanks for sharing it!

  10. I’ve had 3 QHHT sessions. My higher self said some pretty far-fetched ideas that I was totally clueless on at the time. Guess what… I’ve come to believe them all! However, in meditation my higher self said I needed to do my own work… to “look within”. Nonetheless, It greatly progressed my Awakening.

    1. @Alaina Amason. I believe that the reason why you’ve had your higher self informing you to do your own work… to “look within”, is that when we do the work by moving with our own flowering of consciousness, coming to terms with, and progressing in a broadening of it, that there’ll hardly a chance that you’ll be overwhelmed, mindblown, and even…. disturbed by not getting it in that moment of experience. See what I mean? Like the unfolding of a flower bud, the sun, the day, the night, and time passing, with nutrition, and internal processes, all that is part of the unfolding.
      In the same manner, I prefer to use that term “flowering of consciousness” for it’s a natural one.

    1. I have wanted to hear your opinion on QHHT for a very long time now Mr. Goode and I’m only 17 min in and enjoying the interview. I hope you’re going to ask the question I had wanted to ask Dolores herself which is, has anyone ever had a session and remembered their 20 and back experience..

      I have been interested in this kind of hypnosis since being a kid because of memories throughout my life that couldn’t possibly have happened but are as solid as memories that I have picture proof happened. Now days I honestly cannot remember much of my past only little pieces and I’m only 38.

  11. Very interesting and informative. An expanded way to find out about your possibilities and probabilities and potential from both past perspectives and present potential.

    The link below shared 101 pages of 35 practitioners per page. They were listed from around the world. There are 4 levels of skill to be attained or to choose from Level 1 has done at lest 5 sessions. Level 3 has done 125 or more sessions.

    It seemed like a very active website with about 3400 seekers in the last 7 days.

    1. Hi Steve, thanks for spreading the word and giving links! Just to clear up perhaps your typo, Level 1 Practitioners have completed at least 25 sessions, not 5. I just finished my 25 and it has been an amazing journey of growth and discovery, I’m so excited to continue helping people gain insights and healing in this way. It really does open up possibilities, as you said.