Forgiveness, Karma & Cutting Energetic Cords - Surviving Ascension

Ascension Course Series

Preview from Week 3 of Surviving Ascension course. More info:

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  1. Appreciating your honesty that puts ego identity n its place. We are Spirit moving through an ego body.
    When cords are cut we fill the new and open space with healthy soil. On this layer of wisdom we intentionally plant new seeds. We do this again and again creating a field of radiant Light with rainbow colors.

  2. I spent a week on the soul tie cutting ceremony, included some relatives from the other side, finalized it today. Wow.
    As soon as I turned to walk back to the house, I spotted the diamond from my deceased mother’s ring in the grass, which I lost a cpl yrs ago.
    A very immediate and clear message of love from her. Ty for sharing so many golden remedies for our energy wellness πŸ’πŸ™πŸ»βš˜βœŒ