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SSP Alliance Updates

Secret Space Program Alliance Updates, Part 2: Reconnaissance Mission over the Orion Group bases on the Moon, Mars, and Antarctica.

Briefing Document here:

Next Episode: Reconnaissance Mission Over the Tall Grey Bases & the Solar System Lockdown


  1. Nothing inaccurate there at all from my little worldview and situational assessment. We might suggest to ask if the ranking direct officers mentioned appreciate when those Antarctic bases are pummeled with organic scalar and other organic “truehuman” conscious measures? There has been a very target rich environment of late. Recently, we did find: 1. Everything said in the video…to be accurate. This itself a remote view hit of incomprehensible strength in terms of a non-random evidence. How bout that? 2. How many of us need there be? It would seem we would need a lot of ground based apprehension teams to gather up the detainees and so forth in comparison to us who can assault and blast out the demonic beings from within the hives quite easily, …leaving pretty much conventional considerations for the physical war fighters clearing the hives. And, has not AI calculated for such apparent “shortage?” I ask… honestly. My observational incept here takes on more power by way of any correlation and hence I ask what I may think I already know…to know your team’s assumed position as well admittedly. 3. There is much that can be done superorganically to reverse the conscious DNA piracy besides simply …”releasing” shadow beings and hostile multi-d’s … in the end, my methods are incomplete. We likely get another cycle and that if lucky perhaps … if we become the blood lusters. Rather, let us “whirlwind” the former density… a higher art. Let the farmers and musicians create and begin to fill the vacuum whilst we continue to pummel this host … by transmutation. In the end, we would like to compare notes to assure we are most beneficial to your cause`…the cause of The Law of One, etc. Sorry, my apparent stoicism, I’m old for this game, you see? LOL. This first video is exceptional from my view GoodeCorey. I agree with each comment…an impossibility. Thank you.

  2. This is spot on in the interpretation of what is and has been going on in our World and our Universe for many millenniums. Among these races there are entities who are simply desperate also to take our biological recourses to reclaim their status not just as hybrids but as full powerful humans with longevity as it was in the beginning. As human entities they will seek perfection and aim to regain their global status as well as their dominance over the extended Universe. Certainly this War between God and Satan and his cronies it is clear they will not win the final war, but needs to transpire where humans will play a vital role in the centre point of the conquest, and to see God’s name vindicated. Many will open their eyes Iand see the Truth behind this war between Good and Evil, however, many will turn away and make the wrong choices if only to save their own skins. The ultimate price of loyalty and faithfulness to the Almighty Maker of all things promises life eternal. Lord knows there will be plenty of billions of planets that could undergo a habitable transformation where life will be endless and for all faithful servants of the One True God to be able to enjoy life everlasting. Good thing to realize that we won’t need to concern ourseles any about over populating this planet 🙂
    We as humans, need to to make the right choices on whose side we are going to make our spiritual as well as our physical future withint God’s Plan and only within the plan God will implement in His own good time. This is my personal opinion and what I have been able to extract from a lifelong spiritual search of various religious dominations, and have come to the conclusion that most of our Christian churches have become Apostate by misinterpreting the inspired scriptures. Upon that realization I have withdrawn my patronage of any religious manmade institution and simply go it alone but my faith is strong and deep. The existence of Alien races proves the inspired scriptures as correct as it is all in there. But many will miss that information and dismiss it. So we should by now realize what we are dealing with in these end times in which we are living (end times meaning and is referring to the destructions of all evil and where corruption, greed and hatred will be cleansed away and is in its place replaced by peace, perfection and an everlasting existence for all to enjoy, who are prepared to make those right choices. That window of opportunity is now still open to all of us. I really like the presentations these videos provide here and the information which does not dance around the scenarios as to what we are now dealing with insofar intergalactic races are concerned, and what they really represent and origined from. I was surprised that Corey Goode would present such startling but very correct information about these Alien entities, and that will have taken quite some courage. I salute you Corey.

  3. I’m sorry I have to laugh! Some tell you a story and at the end they tell you they’re tripping on drugs!🤣 And everything this person said comes from a horror film we’ve seen! 😂 Corey are you reading this?!
    My advice to this person, young or old, is: dude! Stay off the crack!
    Why am I not joining in the cajoling and carrying? Because he’s a parasite sucking on everyone’s energy! Certainly not mine! And he’s defaming this forum! I don’t put out hate but I will not let the enemy walk in! I shoot him down where he stands! Everyone should tell him to stay off the poison which makes his body, the holy instrument, so dense that only lower frequencies can enter. Forget about praying, bc those can not enter and change him. He has to do it himself! “Work ye thy own salvation” or be toast for the Reptilians and every nasty little demon.
    But I think he’s an a-hole pulling your “good intention’s leg”

  4. @PRCosmos on Twitter is saying that we were liberated and that the good ETs are soon to manifest themselves. I don’t feel he’s lying. As far as the “ very attractive ETs I hope they aren’t referring to the Venusians or Pleiadians, bc I know without a doubt, they are angelic, humans, but humans none the less so there could be “fallen” ones. “ the higher you climb, the harder you fall!”

  5. I have had a reptoid connected to me for 13yrs. I know what weapons it uses. I have seen my life flash before my face like a movie and seen things in his head. I thought that these beings were off earth. If they are NOT there is NO WAY we will be alright, it will NEVER stop. This being says he does not want to go I have told him to go for 13yrs going on 14yrs. I had Morgellons in 2015 moved and it went away. I was watched at the time of this reptoid came to my house with Black Helicopters and seen triangle craft flying over my house everynight. I had a white chemtrail plane stopped in the air by my Telephone poll and I moved and turned and I looked right at the Pilot starring at me. This has been going on way to long. We need to clean out these parasites or we will NEVER BE FREE.

      1. It has been the most miserable 13yrs of my life. I tried the Galactic Federation for help and all they were worried about is me going on there site because they said I had a spy. Yes the Reptoid Dracos are spies. Because you would not know they are there in your house unless they showed you like this one did me. I did not know I should of never named this being. I would love for Corey Goode to help me to get rid of this Being.

  6. This update brought up memories 4 me. and a lot of feelings. It was hard to be reminded of what has happened to me and what is continuing to happen. This information can be so scarry but Iam greatful for the conformation and validation. I was taken by these being that were talked about in the update. I was saved and returned and know trying to recover from the trauma so that I can help stop this from happening. I made a video right after I watched it. I would like to share it with you guys.

  7. The history of our planet runs deep. Thank you for this program, as it is helping us to see beyond the illusions and ancient matrix of lies we’ve been existing under. This news is helping to our awaken of who we are; and where we are in the neighborhood of other positive, sane advanced civilizations, who are discreetly helping us and have prevented some nuclear missile attacks, slowing down the vax passport and alien take-over.

    There are tens of thousands of positive ETs who have reincarnated on Earth, but do not remember why. You could be one of them, because you’re visiting these kind of forums, searching for answers.
    Here is one young girl, who does remember. And in this video, she talks about ‘ensouled’ and the ‘souless.’
    to watch more:

  8. If this is true, then humanity on the surface world needs to unite! We need all governments to disclose this information to main stream media. It has to happen!! Good Lord we have to defeat those reptilians!!

      1. Such fools we have elected, they will replace the SSP humans who have been enslaved, serving and taking care of those to be sacrificed, after the reptilians sacrifice or eat them. They do there bidding for now, but their fate is a hell. We need a global meditation prayer at the exact time everyday. It would be hard at the moment, this disinformation is collecting thousands from this movement. It needs to be global and we all need to do it like our lives depend on it, because they do depend on it. It could begin by doing a clearing, and then we should all try to capture the feeling of the very young. The total bliss they feel when just learning to run around free in the yard. I watched my daughter do that and it reminded me of when I did the same thing. I must of been 2.5 to 3 years old, but the feeling was total bliss and joy. So we could try to clear the space and recapture that feeling for 30 minutes a day. It may not work instantly, but when ever you feel sad just recapture the total joy and bliss, and know that your starving them out. So someone pick a time that would be best, for the most people to try this, but until I hear differently I’m going to do it at 1 AM EST. It will work, they hate joy, especially the joy of a child. Love and Light

        1. I think we need to globally meditate all day 😉 Like, let’s say 1am… every regions following their right timezone, so there is a constant group in the field of love worldwide at every minutes of the day. (sory my english is not my primary language) <3

  9. They’re telling us that we should do the work and bring ourselves to ascension. Ok I get it. If right now maybe only 3 billion people smile with unconditional love at the same time even for an instant most of the negative things they do to us will stop because collective frequency won’t allow it etc. Ok that’s fine but this information is ALIEN and ridiculous to most of the human population. Half of the spiritual information is a joke for them also. SO how the hell are we gonna be able to SAVE OURSELVES?!

    The SSP Alliance has a huge responsibility at this point! OK we won’t wait for savior angelic beings and ETs to save us but THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW, THE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW FROM WHAT THEY HAVE TO SAVE THEMSELVES FROM right?! I mean how many people are aware of these briefings here thousands? tens of thousands? IS THAT NEARLY ENOUGH?!

    I’m starting to lose faith here.. If this Alliance has all this technology and power why don’t they inform the bulk of the population. Seems to me if this is gonna go like this we’ll lose hundreds more years than Micca’s civilization before grasping what’s really going on, and what should we do about it!

    SSP Alliance should get rid of the first S immmediately!! They are playing to the hand of the AI God and the Orion Group seems to me with this unnecessary secrecy… IT’S TIME THE WORLD KNOW WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON!

    1. I also, totally agree. If the SSP won’t provide any direct help with the masses, at least they can show what is really going on. That being said, many years ago Alex Collier said that if the public is made aware of the reptilian presents, they threatened to openly attack earth immediately. I would still rather be awake and fighting for freedom, then an asleep slave. Why jas neither side dug up Atlantis? If the SSP knows its in Antartica, so do the nasties,… so why is it still buried and unutilized?

      The pretty blonde haired humanoids, I had read where the reason the 3rd Reich chose those particular traits for their “master race.” It was also mentioned that these aliens could have been reptilian with either altered DNA, or using tech to disguise themselves. Later, I read that it was a breakaway group of Paladians that decided to come down here and play God, and they were later dealt with by their own. More recently, this woman that says she regularly channels particular Paladians, has said that they sometimes come here and do bad things for our own good, to help us grow. If true, this bothers me a lot. Would you put your kids hand in fire to teach them about fire,… I think not.

      If you can still find it, their is some old black and white videos the Nazi’s took when in Tibet, in their quest for occult knowledge and artifacts. The locals welcomed them with open arms. In this video, the people had a ceremony they celebrate every year, and they put on tall reptilian costumes. I saw this many years ago, and it has always stuck with me.

  10. What I find interesting about this briefing is mention of 8ft humanoids that were “infected with nanites” and this “Artificial Consciousness” AI was able “assume total mind-control of their race”. So in essence those humanoids were assimilated.
    Other than the oncoming CME, what defense can humanity construct against such a nanite pandemic? Because it reads as though there isn’t much choice… even an Enlightened being could potentially fall victim to a mind-controlling infection. Am I reading into this wrong?

  11. All of this is fucking insane!

    This is the information I’ve been able to put together!

    “Havana Syndrome -> Morgellons Disease -> Angelic & Demonic War -> UFOs/UAPs -> Violet Glow -> Jinn -> Radiation Burns

    It’s no secret that the Hanford area has been a hotspot for UFO/UAP activity and over the last 2 years, my personal sightings have somehow impacted my life in a quantifiable way.

    Exactly 1 week ago I was randomly looking out of the window at my parent’s house here in Kennewick and saw what looked to be a huge Black Triangle fly over the house so my step Dad and I go outside to take a look. He couldn’t see anything but for some reason, I could, and out of nowhere another Black Craft flew over but this time it was glowing Violet!

    I’m convinced the Craft uploaded that Violet color to my Brain somehow and sadly most people think I’m crazy when I tell them the story.

    What makes this story even more interesting is that 3 mins later after witnessing the Craft I see what looks to be Satan doing flips in the air taunting me which sadly still hasn’t stopped. (Keep in mind that seems to be an outside thing only)

    Inside homes/cars, I notice some sort of Angelic beings are with me and for some reason, they’re always throwing their huge hands up.

    What makes this even more interesting is that I’ve been suffering from Morgellons Disease aka Havana Syndrome for the last 2 years now and began noticing that these Angelic beings (both inside and outside) are creating these hair fibers (the disease itself) and are dropping them on me/everyone. (The ones outside seem to be doing some sort of Black Magic and can somehow create a lot of fibers at once)

    I truly thought Space Force was in some sort of an Intergalactic War this past year but now it’s an Angelic War!

    Last night I saw a HUGE CROSS SHAPED CRAFT right over me as I got out of my vehicle and what’s weird about this encounter is that it noticed me somehow as if it saw some sort of beacon coming from my eyes I assume. Let me add that I’ve always heard that these UFOs are alive and use ESP! Last night this specific Craft was blinking!

    I now understand that these Angelic beings are the disease itself because they look like a Tattoo on my Skin and they sometimes burn my leg which hurts extremely bad.

    Update: Turns out the burning sensation/beings themselves are actually soon to be Radiation Burns!

    “Ultraviolet” is a keyword hear that helps tie it all together.”

    This is fucking crazy. I noticed my buddy was unknowingly creating these things with the smoke from his drugs too a few hours ago.

    I’m like tripping out right now and am kinda at home and the skin tattoo looking things are starting to burn. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. The ‘hair fibers’ sound similar to black strands described in hypnosis sessions. If the fibers are black they attach themselves to the Earth and basically work like invisible poison and cloud people’s minds and souls. You can work on those – if they’re black in color – by meditating (protect yourself first by pulling light from the universe into your body, connect with the Earth, and surround yourself in a protective light bubble) and “burning up” those strands by visualising white light transforming them and turning them into light strands. That’s the kind of powerful ‘warfare’ we can engage in which is hugely effective.

      I don’t want to lecture but because time is running out I’ll do it anyways…: You need to try and stop being around any kind of drugs/alcohol and stop eating meat/fish/animal products completely. These very, very low energy intake attract the reptilian and demonic forces like crazy. The emotional and mental vibrational state they cause is their dinner…

      1. Du hast mir gerade meine über Jahre schön verdrängte Realität hervorgeholt, nämlich, dass auch Fisch schlecht ist. Mir war bewusst, dass es zumindest das eigene Potenzial der meditativen Entfaltung hemmt. Nur wollte ich mich nicht damit auseinandersetzen, dass es wie Fleisch, Drogen, Parfüm usw. Dämonen, Reptiloiden und andere Energieparasiten anzieht.

        Ich habe vor 1 Stunde nach längerer Zeit (ein Monat) Fisch gegessen und Schafs- Kuh- und Ziegenmilchkäse gekauft. Ich muss den eigentlich ungeöffnet lassen und an Tiere verfüttern, die damit was anfangen können…

        Ja, das mache ich.

        Übrigens, Masturbation im leichten Übermaß macht dich ebenso schwach und sehr angreifbar.
        Im Grunde hast du dich damit dann schon selbst angegriffen.

        Überall ist vermutlich die Dosis gefragt.
        Das hat ja schon Paracelsus gesagt.

      2. Here the better translated version…

        You have just brought out my reality, beautifully repressed for years, namely that fish is also bad. I was aware that it at least inhibits one’s potential for meditative unfoldment. Only I didn’t want to deal with the fact that it, like meat, drugs, perfume, etc. attracts demons, reptiloids and other energy parasites.

        I ate fish 1 hour ago after a long time (a month) and bought sheep cow and goat milk cheese. I actually have to leave that unopened and feed it to animals that can do something with it….

        Yes, I do that.

        By the way, masturbation in slight excess makes you equally weak and very vulnerable.
        Basically, you have then already attacked yourself.

        The dose is probably required everywhere.
        Paracelsus already said that.