Law of One & Transcendent Identity - Ascension Summit 2021

Law of One Study with Mike

Talk given August 13, 2021, at The Ascension Summit 2021 Conference, in Colorado Springs, CO, by Mike Waskosky, discussing the Law of One (Ra material / Ra Contact) & becoming the archetypes of the spirit

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  1. I can honestly say, I’ve never been able to grasp the nature of the “One Infinite Creator” though the writings of “The Law of One” Does the Creator not have a personality? Is it androgynous, with no physical body form? Is it just an energy light mass that floats around through space? Does it have an essence of being male or female?

    I’m trying to get an understanding of it, relative to the Supreme Creator Universal Father of all, as described in the Urantia Book.

    1. The Urantia book should be disregarded, as it is a book written through people by entities not in line with truth and the best interest of humanity.

      The Infinite Creator exists as a tear shaped bit of light in your heart chakra, and can be accessed with an empty mind and sincere heart. The Infinite Creator is our Father. A personal being. An intimate being. A loving personality beyond mind concepts. Contact is easily made by going inward, and asking. Ask and you shall receive. This is a promise and a guarantee

      1. The Urantia Book was not at all written by people, it was typewritten from pages given to them, and distributed. If you’ve not studied the book and the true history behind it, you could easily be swayed to think it was channeled and written by people. It’s a massively important revelation. The Thought Adjuster is the piece of the Father that indwells humanity, until they reject Him.

    2. It is a fractal pattern. A hssss upon the wind. An infinite fractal compressing and contracting.

      All thr universes are 1 creation. A single father is unable to create. Find the mother.

  2. After watching just 10 minutes, I Just had a 30 minute discussion inspired with our son in the kitchen. To be in many perspectives simultaneously, but not too many at any given time as he and I speak; honoring freewill in conversation. Sometimes conversation is easy peazy, sometimes it is a tight rope walk delicately paying attention. Look forward to the rest of this @michael-waskosky

  3. It was the second Saturday in June of 2002, I was asleep in my bed when I heard a eagle caw and felt a strong slap on my upper back. It was like I was kicked out of a dream. I sat up and saw thousand s of white threads coming out of my solar plexus. I looked at my wife, she was asleep. I got up and walked out on our small deck and stood there in wonder what was happening to my. The white treated were transparent and there was s vast array spread out before me. I was in awe. They were attached to everything. I was freeked out. I went back to bed and fell back asleep. When I awoke everything was normal again. What I figured out later is that everything is part of the whole. Everything is one.

  4. A suggestion for Mike Waskovski, please try to speak a little slower next time? The words are almost blending in with each other, making it hard to follow. I think you’ll have a larger audience able to keep track of what you’re saying. The content is quite profound, therefore it’s helpful to read it in a calm manner, as I perceive it. I’m a creator of videos too, in need of paying attention to this.

      1. On second thought, it came to me, while I continued listening to Mike Waskovsky, that I should slow down the speed of the audio. When I had done that, I could hear the pronunciation of the words more clearly, and although the pace of speaking was a bit slower, often parts of words had become lost, at the start of the end of the word. A very strange effect that doesn’t make it easier, for my ears, to listen to Mike. Peculiar, to be able to hear far better how each word is pronounced, and yet miss some of it.

        My ears are super sensitive to sound, not in the way of cringing with loudness, although I keep the music and radio volume in my home low, but in the way of how harmonious sound is. I can detect information in the tone of voice, about who the speaker is. It’s a kind of skill, as in clairvoyance, but for the ears. I can say things to myself, with my voice, and be surprised by what I’m saying, for it’s always truth, and nothing but the truth. At times it’s a statement, and other times it’s a command, a remark that helps me to focus, or be aware of where I am with myself in that moment.

        And when I tell someone about an opinion or an idea, I can always hear myself in such a way that I know when my words aren’t aligned with my inner truth. And thus I can correct myself, which I do. Communication begins to become an expanding skill with the ability to put in words what’s present in thought and feelings, sometimes in a straight line, sometimes in a roundabout way, using metaphors.

        In a way I can see myself as a linguist and communicator, an auto-didact since 2010. When I lived through a major transition in my life. I’ve created a theory about the quality of speech related to conveying the message as intended, and make oneself understood in where it’s coming from, who the speaker is.

        One could call it “engaged speaking” perhaps. When we learn to speak our words and be present in our words, there’s a certain natural pace that causes us to achieve that accuracy. When one is present in one’s words, there’s integrity in it, which creates a willingness in the listener to hear the speaker of these words.
        To me, for being present in my words, I can’t speak fast. My thoughts may move faster than my words, but conscious speaking, which is actually the same as being present in one’s words, seems to be the opposite of speaking fast, straining a listener’s ears so that tension is troubling the listening.
        To me, for communication to work well, there’s focus involved, and attention in the speaker for how the other person receives the words, in a way that leaves a space for freedom, in the listener, of taking in what’s been said, including of course also understanding of what’s been said.
        It seems to me, that there’s a natural pace of speaking that allows for all that to occur, that is never fast.
        Do you see what I mean?
        It’s the first time that I give, or try to give, words to my experience with communication and speech.

  5. It’s maybe not known by many, but the tilt of planet Earth, is equal to the tilt of the human heart in the body. The choice of location of the pyramids is related to the energy-grid around planet Earth, explained in the books The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, present in free reading, and downloadable after registration. A trial period with a one time payment is long enough to find access to a few free PDF documents. Scribd is quite a valuable archive.

  6. Regarding the Solar Flare or the Event, so called by the Cobra-named man, whose blogposts are published in the site Prepare for Change, I’ve attended a workshop with Drunvalo Melchizedek in 1997 where he explained that an electro-magnetic shift may be either energetically, that is, the EM field around planet Earth will shift, or the entire planet will change of position. Which has happened many times in Earth’s long history. There’s no fixed plan in place for such events, for it ties in with the level of humanity’s collective consciousness, how peaceful or how rough the transition will turn out to happen. Drunvalo may be known by some who read this comment, I’m almost sure Corey Goode has knowledge of this man’s work. Which is available for free here
    “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life” and “Awakening the Illuminated Heart” are books and titles of the workshop, presented in The Netherlands in 1996, and later years. These works and workshops are great teachings about the history of planet Earth, its cultures, and the shifts of dimensional levels, their nature, and the relation between sacred geometry and manifestation of form. Highly educational, just like the Law of One material holds a ton of wisdom on the evolution of consciousness and human affairs on planet Earth, viewed from a standpoint outside of her body, and atmosphere.

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    1. @Daina Gutmanis, Se você puder ler meu comentário, existe um programa de tradução ImTranslator, onde todos os idiomas podem ser traduzidos em qualquer escolha de idioma nos textos. Quando você encontrar os livros da Lei de Um 5 gratuitamente online, poderá usar este programa e traduzir o texto. Pode ser uma boa coisa salvar a tradução em espanhol e oferecê-la a

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