Law of One Presentation on Polarity @ Dimensions of Disclosure 2019 Conference

Law of One Study with Mike

The Polarity of Disclosure: The Law of One & The War on Perspective – Talk given August 21, 2019, at Dimensions of Disclosure 2019 Conference, in Ventura, CA, by Mike Waskosky, discussing the Law of One (Ra material / Ra Contact). Presentation begins 02:53.

This presentation covers:
* The Law of One basics & cosmology
* Recent developments in the field of disclosure
* The nature of the “proxy war” or “thought war” we are in the middle of
* Nature of duality & polarity
* The power of love, forgiveness, and acceptance of ourselves and others
* Exercises to pursue the love in the moment, and to see the creator in others
* Dreams, the Mandela effect & Shifting timelines
* Benefits of the herb Calea Zacatechichi

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