Law of One Discussion with Mike & Nathan

Law of One Study with Mike

Episode 11 of The Law of One & Spiritual Concepts podcast with Nathan & Mike Waskosky:

We talked about my experiences as new dad and the Law of One passage about parenting (42.20):

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  1. Very important subject, thank you for sharing ❤️ though painfull when thinking of everything that went wrong in the upbringing of my children.. I totally opened my heart, feeling immensely the pain they went thru.. Now being in their youth years, we talk alot about feelings, thoughts, experiences they go thru, problem solving, what is unfair in the world, moral/ethics and what /when we can do something and when we just have to accept even how hard it can be. My girls are very into enviroment and animal wellfare same as myself. Teaching them from young age how to treat animals. Redirecting is a good tool especially when young, but also being a good example showing how gentle to handle animals ect and react every time they are not gentle, talk and explain them over and over as they grow up. I see too many kids treating animals and also other kids harshly and parents that doesn’t take it serious. And also the enviroment they get into in kindergarten/school forms their lives and personalities, took me a long time to find the right place, luckely we at last ended up with a good Waldorf school for my youngest where she really blossomed though not every kid being kind there either of course. Most important thing i think is when child experience atleast one of the parents standing up, supporting and advocating for the child thru out childhood. I never had any of that. Good luck with your son, much ❤️

  2. Try telling your toddler when pulling on the plant that the plant is also growing, and we don’t want to injure it if we are too rough with them, however, the plants can be handled gently (like people and animals). Then, when he handles one more gently, you can encourage that gentleness. It may help teach compassion by pointing out the vulnerabilities of another living thing. Hope this helps.