The Law of One & Unveiling - Dimensions of Disclosure 2018 Conference

Law of One Study with Mike

Presentation given by Mike Waskosky on August 17th, 2018 at Dimensions of Disclosure 2018 Conference, in Loveland, CO. Mike discusses the Law of One (Ra Material), Corey Goode, ET genetic experimentation, AATIP and UFO/ET Disclosure. Presentation begins 06:40.

This presentation covers:
• The Law of One basics & cosmology
• Archetypal evolution experiments by the galactic Logos
• The veiling of the mind, or First Great Experiment
• The structure of the mind
• Penetrating the gateway to intelligent infinity
• ET experiments including genetic changes
• Corey Goode’s updates on ET genetic experiments
• Unblocking chakras (energy centers) through processing experiences
• Spiritual evolution through layered veils on awareness
• Inner and outer dimensional relationships in human evolution
• How to get involved with disclosure
• AATIP and the role of Harry Reid
• Accelerating full disclosure, contacting congress

The first minute of the talk was lost due to a technical issue with a new microphone. I mainly talked about AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program) after asking how many people had never heard of it, and most everyone raised their hands which I found a little surprising.

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