Ep1: Healing & Discipline of the Mind - Part 1

Law of One Deep Dives

Discussing Session 4 & 5 of the Ra Contact with friends.

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  1. The term “streamings” refers to the flow of intelligent energy or consciousness that permeates all aspects of the universe. This energy is said to be constantly moving and evolving, and it is the fundamental building block of all matter and life.

    According to Ra, the streamings of intelligent energy flow through everything in the universe, including planets, stars, and galaxies, as well as all living beings. These streamings are said to be part of the infinite intelligence or the Creator, which is the ultimate source of all existence.

    The Law of One teaches that individuals can learn to access and work with these streamings of intelligent energy through various spiritual practices, such as meditation and visualization. By aligning themselves with these streamings and opening themselves to their guidance, individuals can deepen their understanding of their own spiritual path and their connection to the larger universe.

    1. When love and wisdom are balanced and integrated within the body complex, an individual is said to be operating at a higher level of consciousness, and they are better able to perceive and align with the streamings of intelligent energy that flow throughout the universe.

  2. This was amazing to listen to. All four have great discussions which help me to better understand the Law of One. Thank you Mike W. for presenting this and also a thank you for each one of the others in your working through the material!


    “Take a look at the image above (or below if this is a social media post) that is called a monad, the dot in the middle is your spirit, and the outline is your mind, and the space in between, being holographic in a sense (electromagnetic torsion field), is the idea of you (this is what the church calls “the son”) with zero limit in potential growth within the mind.”

  4. AM the intelligence in spirit.
    The knower in consciousness.
    The black germ and seed.
    The dragon that is was and always will be.
    Mouthpiece of the three.
    God the Father, god the Sun,
    And god the Queen.
    AM known as You but AM called ME.
    Story with a name,
    Captain on the seas,,,c,,,c,,
    Dreaming of dreams,
    Where love lives free!

  5. Great job guys. One thing I found interesting as you were talking at the end about “initial reactions..” There is something I learned in college psychology termed “automatic thoughts.” We have an initial reactionary thought (which is usually trauma based) to something or someone. I discovered that the first step in changing these automatic thoughts is to be aware of them when we have them, then ponder on how we can react differently the next time. Eventually a retraining occurs and you find yourself reacting the way you feel is more appropriate. Thank you for correlating this with the Law of One.

    1. Joe Dispenza works with this idea as well and how we can go into the subconscious to replace the automatic trauma based programs with one of our preference. He has some meditations that accompany the book “How to Break The Habit of Being Yourself” that I’ve found useful for this.

      1. that book helped me to finally solidify what i had spent so long trying to understand and put into action after more than a decade of truth seeking. it just so happens that book was lent to me in county jail after my 18th month in and i applied the “method” which was more or less the anchoring point of my career in gnosis. two weeks later i got out. going home of course was one of my set intentions. other intentions are continuing to manifest even now.

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