A true sigma or if you wish to be a Sigma is to save yourself because no one is going to do it for YOU…… LOOK within in yourself DEEP……. Thank you Corey you our our new Jesus and I’m not religious I am spiritual.  Love and light, and no I don’t like leaving messages but feel I need to as it feels part of my mission to move on. 

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  1. I’d like to share some of my personal reflections on this topic. This is a basic breakdown of how I tend to see the concept of a Sigma Male. It’s my personal take on the nine fruits of the spirit described in Galatians 5:20-22. I tend to see higher 4th Density/Christ Consciousness through a lease comprised of concepts like these. Do you have any thoughts?

    It seems to me that a Sigma male is really an easy way to sum up the balance and grace of a man who has been trough a lot, applied those lessons learned, and made a conscious decision to not dysfunctionally inflate his ego beyond reason.

    Sigma males are something approaching a modern description of a spiritually mature masculinity.

    * Love= at least 51 percent energy output is devoted towards consideration of others and service to their free will decisions, especially as it relates to the preservation of their sovereignty as a Mind, Body, Spirit complex.
    * Joy= the state of presence which yields focus and finds a purposeful flow in doing the task at hand.
    * Peace= the state of grace when present in a moment and poise when transitioning from one moment to the next. Even in the midst of unforeseen circumstances.
    * Patience= a steadfast state characterized by hope which inspires oneself and which repels anxiousness.
    * Kindness= the action of conscious thoughtfulness and consideration of others especially as it is commonly reveled through five sensory experiences but not limited to five sensory sensitivity.
    * Goodness= the wisdom which is associated with a skill displayed through its application of knowledge and lessons learned over time. It is always improving and often engaged in the basic concepts described by the 10,000 hours of practice associated with expertise.
    * Faithfulness= A demonstration of trustworthiness and predominantly revealed through action and non-verbal affirmation but is not necessarily without words. Typically known to be associated with the completion of a known task, and less often realized as the identical expression of conviction which convinces one to forego completion.
    * Gentleness= the strength to navigate, lift, and withstand physical and metaphysical challenges, often identified as “the burdens of life and relationships with others.” It is like the strength to pick up 1,000 lbs and handle that stress as though it were the weight of a feather. It is not absent from difficulty, but rather capable of handling difficulty with poise. By extension this includes Emotional and Social Intelligence, the way one has with handling people. It is the goodness of love.
    * Self Disciplined= Continuous action and devotion to create life as he sees fit. Never prone to giving up for too long or too often. But may fail often enough to be acquainted with the consequences of a diminished discipline.
    I find these things to be true of the concept of Sigma Males, but am curious about what particular traits might be associated specifically with a mature spiritual masculinity (sigma) and a mature spiritual femininity.

    Any thoughts or contributions to the conversation are welcome.

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