Reconnaissance Mission over the Orion Group bases on the Moon, Mars, and Antarctica – Part I

SSP Alliance Updates

Secret Space Program Alliance Updates, Part 1: Reconnaissance Mission over the Orion Group bases on the Moon, Mars, and Antarctica.

Briefing Document here:

Next Episode: RECON - Reptilian Agenda Revealed - Shadow Beings, Demons & AI Worship


  1. If you want to see Corey when he first went public, he was interviewed on Gaia (tv) by David Wilcock. I was ill at home for a long time, and binged on all of David Wilcock’s episodes! My eyes were really opened!

    1. These have been removed a long time ago when Corey left Giai? Are you able to link as these were the best information viewing I have ever seen, and would love to watch them again

    2. I had the opportunity to listen to those episodes while enduring a long commute to work for a couple of years. Gaia has since deleted all reference to Corey and David. They have replaced them with fake insiders that basically parrot what Corey revealed. It’s sad.

      1. I watched all episodes of David and Corey talking in real time when Corey went public. I stopped watching Gaia when David said they were run by Satanists our something akin; I don’t remember exactly. Was it always that way and he found it; was it sold? Do you know?

  2. I have a problem with two statements we are in this together. And our information is the only one correct.
    I believe the information is correct since it correlates with the information of other channels on you tune that seem to me to be correct.
    So there are technologies that are not made public and tax dollars of nations of the entire earth is used to make holes in asteroids and create bases or patrol the solar system. This money could have been used for the benefit of humanity.
    the infomation would not be available if other people would not have been telling their truths.
    the 20 years and back is an immoral program where kids are mind controlled against their consent because thy are kids. Erasing memory of people is also an immoral program.
    Free will of people in the program and humanity is infringed and ssp is talking about it as if the explain a food receipt. Ethics and morality is not involved in this secret operations.
    Is not too hard to create a public site tv station where this information to be made public.
    The technology has been obtained using other people kids as human resource. And this is not ok.
    Earth governments had sold their on race. that is not ok.
    Now Earth Resources are used again to build technologies that are kept hidden form people from earth. We do not need fossil fuels since we go to the stars.
    The truth will set you free.
    Free energy and 21 century technology should be made public knowledge and taught in school.
    Since you hide the information and technology that was available on earth for at least 120 you are part of the problem not part of the solution.
    Instead of vaccinate vaccinate 24/7 we need to hear this information on public television. Governments that participated with GDP to this massive disinformation and massive genocide via vaccine should come clean. People should be held accountable.
    The truth will set you free. This infomation should be made available 24/7 on tv channels. Children should learn the truth in schools.

    1. Hi Liliana,
      I share your opinion. Thank you for your contribution. We see more and more people manifesting their true conscience and it is reassuring. Yes indeed, we should demand that this information be told to all of humanity. it is our absolute right. NEVER AGAIN OFFER THE LAWS OF THE COSMOS, OF THE UNIVERSE OUR HEAVENLY FATHER.

      Sorry for my bad anglish.

  3. thank you – grateful for the history lesson. it would be good for our souls if this info was interspersed with hopeful inspiring news. it is so horrible that I can’t retain it all . balance is very important dont you think? I know there is good news out there!

  4. I’ve seen Dr. Greer way before I knew anything about Mr. Goode. And at first I just thought Greer was misinformed on things somewhat, but as time has gone by all the years he’s been in the public eye I’ve noticed that it’s purposeful this information which is really sad to see happen. And then to see him in this picture and also he’s talked about being friends with A Rothchild, he was telling a story where they were talking on his boat one time.

    What really upsets me is to see Linda in this picture and I want to Believe that there is an explanation and I pray that there really is but that was also very surprising and upsetting to see, she has always seemed very sweet to me and seems to always display honesty and speak earnestly…

    I remember when Corey had said that a lot of people are going to begin to be exposed, and that we would be surprised by some of the ones we would find out things about.

    I believe that this is just the beginning though but Corey was right again… again… again… LOL. Because this really surprised me about Linda, Greer and the other ones I kinda knew already, I think a lot of us did.

    As more and more truth is exposed and I think we all have some in our minds eye of where the truth will come from and who might be proven to be a shill, Fake, Fraud… etc. but I think it’s important to remember to just sit back and watch this movie play out and not make rash judgments or comments and to always use our discernment.

    Because all of this is a test and it is passed by being observant and paying attention to every single little small minuscule detail and how we react to the expanse of all of that in our environment in a moral way.

    Anyhow sorry for rambling I know this is the place where people would agree 🙂

    In service to all, In service of the one ☝️ ❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻

    1. Justin, you pose very good ideas and comments. While all of this is so very complex, meaning the Universe and all of this exploration we are doing, as to our awareness and our discovery of ‘what we are’ through playing out these simulated realities, it seems to me that there are many people doing good work in their corner with their understanding of reality. For that reason, I would give Dr. Greer, and many others, the benefit of the doubt before casting them aside. Dr. Greer has stated that has learned so much, through his concerted efforts, that he has been asked to brief others on what he has learned. Possibly that is why he was meeting with Rothchild. Negative and/or disinformation campaigns can run many directions. There may be some truth found in many areas, as well as untruth or distortions, found in many areas. Being a skeptic (keeping ones’ eyes open to all areas, rather than deciding one thing is true and not allowing any other information in) is a good thing. It’s important for us to keep ourselves spiritually/energetically cleansed, our chakras clear, and to seek to discern the truth through our own channel of the Higher Self. We can direct this to a beautiful, free outcome that we all desire, with great care. I’m glad we’re working together to get there – it seems there are a small amount of us, so all of Gaia and neighboring groups depend on us.

    2. Are you saying LMH and SG are imposters? You know both Greer and Goode admit to the fact that anyone including them can be mind manipulated, because of the advanced tech they have to do so. We all need to be aware of that and realize we can’t fully Trust anybody. There will ACA need on everyone’s part to research and pray about everything. The thing I find skeptical about Greer is his stance all ET’s are benevolent… that just isn’t true, but I can see where he is coming from, his primary concern is to get disclosure. Linda a false prophet? I just can’t get my head around that one!

  5. I have been wanting to know what your truth is Corey, in all of this back and forth propaganda to I feel distract the masses and turn our focus on each other instead of holding steady to overthrow the Kabal. With the vaccines again? Smh, if you got a shot or didn’t know this we are created of at least 22 different extraterrestrial races and have had many upgrades and downgrades and yet still we stand. Our different opinions are so minute compared to the bigger picture and your getting played as they love to do and distract us from the truth. The DNA we have has been there done that and we overcame it not to mention we can heal ourselves too. And so much more that is why the Negative ET’s try to keep us in line. They are intimidated by us and what our capabilities are and have chosen to destroy or tried to destroy us in fear. But most are trying to correct this and merge the timelines as earth has seemed to be stuck in a soul loop of rebirth, for the great awakening and remembering of the past. And those like myself that have chosen to come and assist but I too have been here I feel a few thousand years trying to get this corrected. Since we are connected by blood (DNA) they (We) will not ascend and stay stuck in this vibratory signature in return screwing themselves and ourselves too until we.get close to our corrected state. Ascension can only happen through higher states of consciousness and frequencies they lower there souls signature when they mess with the masses, we collectively stay stuck as to repeat and upgrade through out time to catch up in time though fluid as to get as.close to our original state as possible only than we can remember and save the past and future. This is why we get amnesia and have made sure to keep the lay lines with sacred relics of memory to help guide us but not to mess with it worse but respectfully repair it once it all comes out. But with the timeline wars we now have the Mandela effect and Entitled species. That are ignorant to the higher truths of the great mystery of unknowing. We are all connected even them on levels one side good or bad cannot exist without the other so as I see it the truth just needs to come out. The time keepers have set things fairly steady although I’ve been getting alot of mixed timeline messages lately about our water sources being contaminated soon as a war tactic on some last line of control from the Kabal. They know something is going to happen theremall buying up stock on water? Being hit in America, from a few sides with acts of war if we turn on each other will set us back maybe irreparably. I saw us left vulnerable to be attacked. If we get sloppier than what this mess has already been with the way our Gov has poorly handled things on many levels were F’d worse than just rebuilding structure.. It wasn’t good that timeline AI became necessary because we too get to see time lines and outcomes of things and they come back harder in 2027 or 2028 I believe it’s still won. But we don’t have to upload our minds, telepathy is coming in stronger also. AI in armor because there massive is fundamentally important for the mechanical strength you Know it will be absolutely crucial. We already have gear to see them uncloaked. Also from my viewings the Orion Negative ET’s are still here now I saw and that it is not over, there was already a war once before that I thought you had mentioned in the 80s-90s that was won once? I know at Dolce Base there was alot that went down but I wasn’t aware of it being a full blown overtaking? Not the old Big Galactic War, which is why from what I have been shown we have so many races as to not repeat the horrific tradegy of the past and that we were created in respects to a blood pact to merge consciousness as to be equals and exist in peace in the majorities. Also why you see the old world with higher technology and the new with the old backwards. The Obvious signs of technology higher than ours from the past and the mutilated planet now called the astroid belt. The two are to meld into one timeline if it’s played correctly which is why we have the Mandela Effect, it’s been the negative ET’s and the Alliances in a Timeline War. I know I have the video proof of this whole scenario planned including the vaccine rollout and that this is part of the project blue beam code named differently now surely. Just another plot twist with the way in using our own against us. I don’t even think some of them know that they have been used. Together We Stand, Divided We Fall. Stay strong Light Workers, know your Worth Our Will and Light Bodies that has been rapidly increasing energetically over years is way stronger than these shots. Remember in war they will use insider tactics to try to break us. They have the yellow cube to see the many outcomes. But I have me and I have seen a few ways this can go now. On my Facebook page you will find the YouTube videos explaining this all over 2 hrs on a radio talk show here in AZ. David Wilcox, was also mentioned which I have suspicions about he is also in AZ although I don’t think he’s a bad guy just kinda stuck himself in the crossfire rolling in the middle lane which is fine too. But seems to have served as the bipartisan of the increased leak of Intel to excellerate this program. Catch it there under my name and you can find my much needed new content coming soon of 100% accurate World Predictions that have come to pass and my friends in the good kind of higher places playing with me in the sky manuvering there craft to my amusement in the directions I was asking them too quietly on film. This was caught by myself and a 2nd person who’s permission I’m waiting on to post as a double sight from a separate location not far from me though. Was incredible and amazing but I told them I needed proof so they obliged. And to that im greatful and humbled for the backing. Obviously I’m chipped and have seen many ET’s of different kinds since I was a child some to which trained me in energy work and much more. Can’t wait to hear what your thought’s are Mr. Goode, hopefully it’s Good!?? 😂 #Staythecourse #Holdtheline #Raiseyourvibration #Keepyourfrequencyhigh #ItsthewaytoAscension #WeAretheCollective #WeAreOne

    1. My concern is that the vax, being mRNA, or Messenger RNA, which breaks apart then locks into the DNA in specific locations, will be causing a global mass AIDS epidemic. This would be a silent global genocide of the humans. The few remaining will be much easier to deal with, for those than plan to take over control of Gaia, and the Universe. Do you have any thoughts on this?

  6. Hmmm! That last sentence, with the recommendation to disregard information that isn’t directly coming from us, doesn’t sit well with me. That’s a statement suggesting we’re not capable of making up our own minds and hearts. I’d rather see that kind of statement left out from this, to me, otherwise valuable presentation.

  7. Wow! what an update! this is so cool that we are getting this information. Also a little scary. AI is scary stuff but remember this is a “God” from another universe and we have “Gods” that are from this universe that are at home here, they are powerful and good and have are best interest at heart. WE (as one) will win.

    1. Do we have Gods that are at home here, otherwise than represented from within our own human existence?
      In a world where free will is given free reigns, as I perceive it, it’s the only condition that allows us to experiment, experience, discern, and choose what works or doesn’t work for us. To me, that’s the prerequisite of evolution. Evol – Love a duo close knit. No interference is meant to interact with the mission of humanity, as I see it, to embody its spiritual nature, and become whole again.
      To me, that’s the condition that allows us to take a leap into the unknown of higher dimensions. To each his/her own. The fables of old time religion are turning to dust, that kind of hierarchy doesn’t work anymore, preventing spiritual freedom and taking leaps from inner strength and knowingness, alive and alove.

  8. Corey, I am glad you made this platform I hope you can have frequent updates that are more and more elaborative and forthcoming. Opsec is a thing and I understand that. But seriously all week get out here is b*******. If the alliance wants or needs people to be more engaged… it could provide and iota of Direction and Intel. I’m just saying. And by the way, if the MRNA is not an alliance move that Trump is not alliance.. because Trump is in mRNA all the way. So they need to at least pick a narrative, or they lose all relevance.

  9. this is too simplified
    is it just about humans against reptilians?

    Micca and their people they’re a single culture
    their simple story won’t apply to earth
    here people got anunnakis and infighting of anunnakis
    dragons and gargoyles
    archons and other energetic beings
    other than for loosh some for incorporating the human DNA in order to go through certain stargate or the amenti itself
    others for solutions to their way of life

    you would like to play soldier
    so some can play hero some can play victim and some villain

    what you really doing is working out ancestral patterns at an oversoul level
    from a greater identity you and the reptilians are one

    you think you are playing hero or at least being rebellious
    actually you are fixing your own problems

    that’s why angels are invisible and god is silent

    1. I am okay. The history of the earth is much more complex than that of Micca.
      On earth there is a convergence of an incredible amount of galactic history and culture. What is happening there is very complex. No one can have total vision, not even sure the Galactic Confederation has it.

      On the other hand, the 24 Melchizedek (written in the Apocalypse of St John) are Gods who created the conditions on earth. They are too powerful for us. I am wary of them because I find them dangerous for the humans of the earth. They don’t just play with our lives. They play with us souls … 😮

  10. After reading all the updates I realize that the SSP organization is not a positive one. That is my impression. The organization treated human beings as resources for technology while participating to the enslavement of the population. The contracts cannot be acceptable as long as the people involved did not agreed to the terms of the contracts. The respect for the human race should be placed on the first place. It is like selling the pet of your neighbour when you do not own it.

  11. Stop treating humanity like stupid children. We need the truth about vaccines. Who impose these draconic rules on us. we cannot fly any more unless we are injected with vaccines. Who is behind all these rules. You cannot keep this information only for yourself. Many thanks to Corey but the whole truth should be on the open. if you have the ability to travel so far you should have the ability to create an alternative tv station or radio or internet channel publilc available tor everyone. The truth will set you free.

  12. So the info of Elena Denaan is not correct? It is time to come clean. Secrets bring more secrets. Secrets make bad people entities to affect us all. Are affecting your families.I believe this information to be true. But it is time to come clean. Humanity should know the truth. The entire truth.

  13. It would be great if you could out some of the ones spreading lies!! Is Elena Danaan for real? or Charlie Ward? or Simon Parkes? Who are you speaking of spreading lies? Thank you very much for your updates!!

  14. Thank You so very much Corey and all who are assisting this Universal Revolution that we are all a part of!
    Really appreciate this information.

    To Corey and his family:
    I am so sorry to hear about how Kerry Cassidy put your whole family in danger! What in the world was she thinking or was that deliberate? Is she one spouting disinformation? I know of her and have watched some of her videos, but I have always had a question in my mind about her. Something that doesn’t set right, yet I can’t put my finger on it. Would be very grateful for the truth. Thank You

  15. Thanks Corey! Will you personally be discussing your experiences on the reconnaissance mission? I appreciate this update but especially love when you communicate your testimony based on ‘witnessing’ events. I’m hoping that you’re able to share your perspective on these experiences on an upcoming video.

    1. The vaccine is used to sort the wheat from the chaff. This is part of the Divine plan for planetary ascension … 😮
      I would have liked it to have happened differently but I am not the one who makes these kinds of decisions … :'(

        1. I’m sorry for you…
          There is only one time to repair a DNA / RNA mutation due to extraterrestrial vaccines, it is the Med Beds.
          They are being built en masse on the moon right now and we will have to wait until they are released into the public domain. We will have to wait for the solar flash in 2024 at the latest because it is after that they will be distributed …
          Good luck…

        2. Do you Not get it, your talking about praying and then cursing someone to go to hell litterally in the same sentence*??
          Ode, I’m on your side, don’t lower yourself to this walking confused contradictions level.

          Why are they even here?

          Are they that disconnected? They can’t Actually view themselves as how they actually are?
          Or are they seeds here just to lower our vibration with their negative diarrhea mouth? too long sentences, that no one will read, “I love god, bitch” type of personality…
          Ignorance at its finest ^_^

        1. I don’t understand what you are saying. I don’t think you know what you are talking about. I believe it’s you the ignorant. We should not have the same sources of informations.
          Well that’s how it is. Welcome to planet earth … ^ _ ^

          1. Oda Vomalites, your jumping to conclusions is truly eccentric. The fact that you allow yourself to say that the vaccines are part of the divine plan, in order to sort the chaff from the wheat, is the most preposterous, and playing-God attitude. And on top of that, suggesting that “someone” or some force” has made the decision, and that you’re not the one doing this, is an equal preposterous example of spiritual grandiosity. I’ve seldom seen a delusion wrapped in a seemingly humble fashion. You’re very talented at that, I believe.

        2. Lol, I see. Well let me tell you that you are very ignorant on the matter and that you slandered me wrongly. I persist and I sign. Vaccines are part of the divine plan. They are there to sort the wheat from the chaff. The ascended masters Hilarion and St Germain have said it bluntly. They say it, not me.
          So if you are not more spiritual than an ascended master, I suggest you turn your tongue 7 times in your mouth before giving your opinion.
          You have a lot to learn …

          It’s in French. Do your best to translate them …: p

          Saint Germain:


          1. Oda Vomalites, apparently, we’re both triggered. I suggest we stop bickering and calling each other names, etc. I’ve looked into the site “Le Blog de Lazare” With a picture of… Zorro? 🤔

            I’ve used a translation program so that I could read what’s supposed to be St. Germain’s message, and I’ve discovered that the expression “sorting of the chaff and the wheat” mentioned in the first sentences of the message:
            “The tares separate from the wheat and no stone remains on the other”, isn’t used in relation to the vaccines chosen by the people nowadays. Your conclusion is made by taking the wrong turn, see what I mean? The trouble with Bible texts is, that they can be used as sticks to hit a dog, making sure that sticks are always lying around.

            A little further the message goes:
            “These words of Jesus are fulfilled in those days: ‘I have not come to bring peace, but the sword.’ (Matthew 10:34, note JJK). And this sword cuts through friendships and families”.

            There’s a conclusion that doesn’t sit well with me, for it’s not the sword in the hands of Jesus, but the choices made by family members and friends, that cut the ties and create separation. To me, with an acknowledgement of Supreme Being and beneficial beings not on the planet now, it’s the (most valuable) free will of the people on planet Earth, that forms the foundation for the creation of EXPERIENCE, and in that way, every person is given the opportunity to observe, learn and choose, so that new EXPERIENCES may follow. In short, lives are lived by all of us based on free will. The works of duality consciousness are limited to planet Earth’s realm. Even when a person isn’t aware, nor ever has thought about free will.

            To me, there’s NO INTERVENTION of divine origin or devilish origin, unless I open the door to welcome that in. There’s no evolution, or ascension, without the use of our free will, here on planet Earth in 3D. It’s evident, as the two sides of one hand. The human experience may suggest that there’s no free will, but that’s a subjective point of view. to me.

            Robots, programmed by a mind that creates them, don’t evolve, they’re automatons. I do believe that the plan behind the present pandemic, and the vaccines, including the stealth wise addiction to digital technology in a number of us, is exactly what’s described in the remaining part of what’s supposed to be St. Germain’s message.

            I can’t help thinking that this message isn’t coming from an Ascended Master but from the person behind Zorro. To me, the give-away, bringing me for 95% to that conclusion, is this part:
            “Count on it: Every human being, despite these manipulative circumstances, makes the right decision!”
            That’s a choice of words fully coming from a human mind, allowing the speaker to be pedantic, in an attempt to make it plausible that all is well. With a little snake lurking between the grass-blades.

            This part, below, shows a very strange logic, for the “sword” is in the title of that alinea, wherein there’s only talk about love, in an illogical way, quite strange to me. The answer to the question asked in that alinea: “Why do so many people see so little?” is answered in the same pedantic manner as in the sentence copied above “Count on it……” etc.
            “LOVE AND THE SWORD
            This time is the invitation to unconditional Love.
            Many things can only be understood and healed through the aspect of Unconditional Love, no matter what decision a person makes: respect the person and value their decision. An exercise worthy of your mastery and your accomplishment.
            Why do so many people see so little?
            Because they have a curtain in front of their consciousness so that they can have certain experiences. Even though it is painful to watch these people in their self-imposed suffering: Everyone deserves to be respected for their choice”.

            Not that I mean that all is wrong, in many human decisions around the vaccines. The placing of labels “right or wrong” or “love and sword” is done in a strange manner. There’s something that makes me feel that this message isn’t helpful, and the opposite of uplifting.
            It’s as if the reader of this message is, or should remain, unaware of the dagger raised at him or her. Raised by the nature of the person who designed this message.

        3. You wasted your time writing this novel for me. I totally agree with these messages from St Germain and Hilarion.
          We have been at war since September 11, 2001, we are living a moderate apocalypse which comes to supplant the true apocalypse of St John. Gaia, Archangel Michael and Melki have decided that the earth will not undergo the true Apocalypse. They decided to save the earth despite the lack of motivation of many extraterrestrial races to want to save us who see in the inhabitants of the earth mainly only barbarians. Even intraterrestrials don’t like us …: o

          Since December 21, 2012, the Divine plan has changed. It has been slightly altered. We will not experience mass extinction, but the word of God will still be fulfilled in a more moderate form.
          It makes perfect sense to me that the vaccine is used to sort the wheat from the chaff … and it is about time. The brainwashed of the system can no longer stay on earth as they feed the corrupt system.

          Drunvalo Melchizedek, Cobra or even Commander Ashtar Sheran confirm that there will be mass departures and that souls who are not suited to planetary ascension will join other planets planned to welcome them. There are a total of 10 blank planets all ready for use where souls can continue to experience their own evolution at their own pace.
          The plan on earth has obviously been thought through and prepared for millennia from the higher dimensions … and the beauty of this plan is that it will be accomplished with individual free will.
          Everything is perfect … ^^

          1. Hello Oda, you keep taking my comments as an attack on you personally. What a waste of misunderstanding. But alas… so be it. I’m sharing my perception of a blogpost created by someone else. Your comment suggests that I deny the events, and changes, happening right now, on planet Earth and off-planet Earth.

            Your mistake is, as I perceive it, that humanity is submissive to a plan made long ago. As if there’s an eternal schoolmaster and his eternal pupils, sitting in the classroom until eternity finds it very last part. Imagine, that the pupils grow up? Imagine that the plans of the schoolmaster may exist, with beneficial possibilities etc. etc? But that it’s not up to him to force it through his pupils’ throats?

            Imagine, how the pupils begin to grow up and begin to think for themselves? To me, that’s the whole idea of growing up in spirit, heart and 3D conditions. A most complex affair, but it can be done. Not by waiting until someone else’s plan is successful, sitting on one’s hands, chanting “All is perfect” when the roof is blown off the house.
            We’re the ones meant to wake up to our true nature, waking up in dormant DNA, remembering, and learning to accept those abilities that were there all of the time.
            Kept under a veil of forgetfulness.
            Imagine, how can we, human beings, be the creators of our reality, without claiming our sovereignty? Claiming our right to learn from experience, trial and error, choosing consciously, and see how it unfolds? To me, that’s the experience we’ve said “yes” to, before incarnating here on this planet.
            The magic of physical experience, of living and dealing with form, is that a whole spectrum of challenges and triggers lies waiting for us. Is it power we choose? Is it wealth? Is it the life of a hermit, a monk? Or is it the life of a follower of would-be-channelers, and Madam Divina, in long wide purple skirts, in full display of her pomp and circumstance, flashing jewelry and a golden teeth when she smiles? Hypnotizing her clients with her crystal ball?
            Wake up, Oda, rub the sleep-sand of Mister Sandman from your eyes and start your work. No one is going to save you from yourself, you’re meant to steer your own boat on the ocean of your life. But not as if you’re the only one. Ship ahoy! 😏😊

        4. Little asshole. You wasted your time writing me a low-level novel for the second time.
          You play spiritual master with me when you’re just a charlatan throwing me off counter spirituality. You think you’re teaching me something but you haven’t taught me anything at all.

          Of course I am aggressive. You called me ignorant about vaccines in your 1st comment when I proved that I was right. Read it again and you will understand why injustice makes me angry.

          I was recently attacked by 3 Quebecers who call me a conspirator when I share an article by Queen of Canada Romana Didulo which clearly states that transgenic vaccines are dangerous for health and that they are a conspiracy of the cabal. I’m sure Corey Goode knows that very well.

          In my opinion that your refusal to apologize for having attacked me in your turn comes from the fact that you have made yourself vaccinated. That would explain your denial of the reality that vaccines are part of God’s plan to sort the wheat from the chaff.
          So yes I understand better why you attack me. It challenges your true spiritual level and you transfer your own mistakes onto me. It is pitiful.

          You think you are a spiritual master but you are just an asshole.
          Maitre St Germain and Maitre Hillarion are true ascended masters. You do not come close to them …

          Own your mistakes now and stop bothering me. I wish you a happy death … and come back to incarnate on earth to learn the lessons you have learned badly …

          Victory of the Light …