Reconnaissance Mission over the Orion Group bases on the Moon, Mars, and Antarctica – Part I

SSP Alliance Updates

Secret Space Program Alliance Updates, Part 1: Reconnaissance Mission over the Orion Group bases on the Moon, Mars, and Antarctica.

Briefing Document here:

Next Episode: RECON - Reptilian Agenda Revealed - Shadow Beings, Demons & AI Worship


  1. If you want to see Corey when he first went public, he was interviewed on Gaia (tv) by David Wilcock. I was ill at home for a long time, and binged on all of David Wilcock’s episodes! My eyes were really opened!

    1. These have been removed a long time ago when Corey left Giai? Are you able to link as these were the best information viewing I have ever seen, and would love to watch them again

    2. I had the opportunity to listen to those episodes while enduring a long commute to work for a couple of years. Gaia has since deleted all reference to Corey and David. They have replaced them with fake insiders that basically parrot what Corey revealed. It’s sad.

      1. I watched all episodes of David and Corey talking in real time when Corey went public. I stopped watching Gaia when David said they were run by Satanists our something akin; I don’t remember exactly. Was it always that way and he found it; was it sold? Do you know?

  2. I have a problem with two statements we are in this together. And our information is the only one correct.
    I believe the information is correct since it correlates with the information of other channels on you tune that seem to me to be correct.
    So there are technologies that are not made public and tax dollars of nations of the entire earth is used to make holes in asteroids and create bases or patrol the solar system. This money could have been used for the benefit of humanity.
    the infomation would not be available if other people would not have been telling their truths.
    the 20 years and back is an immoral program where kids are mind controlled against their consent because thy are kids. Erasing memory of people is also an immoral program.
    Free will of people in the program and humanity is infringed and ssp is talking about it as if the explain a food receipt. Ethics and morality is not involved in this secret operations.
    Is not too hard to create a public site tv station where this information to be made public.
    The technology has been obtained using other people kids as human resource. And this is not ok.
    Earth governments had sold their on race. that is not ok.
    Now Earth Resources are used again to build technologies that are kept hidden form people from earth. We do not need fossil fuels since we go to the stars.
    The truth will set you free.
    Free energy and 21 century technology should be made public knowledge and taught in school.
    Since you hide the information and technology that was available on earth for at least 120 you are part of the problem not part of the solution.
    Instead of vaccinate vaccinate 24/7 we need to hear this information on public television. Governments that participated with GDP to this massive disinformation and massive genocide via vaccine should come clean. People should be held accountable.
    The truth will set you free. This infomation should be made available 24/7 on tv channels. Children should learn the truth in schools.

    1. Hi Liliana,
      I share your opinion. Thank you for your contribution. We see more and more people manifesting their true conscience and it is reassuring. Yes indeed, we should demand that this information be told to all of humanity. it is our absolute right. NEVER AGAIN OFFER THE LAWS OF THE COSMOS, OF THE UNIVERSE OUR HEAVENLY FATHER.

      Sorry for my bad anglish.