A New Commandment  

I Have been communicating with Alien Beings and have been given a message from beings claiming to be Ancient and of biblical times. The God of War, Christ and Aya (The beast) the God of Animal suffering. The message is clear as Day. If we want to Ascend then this is the way laid out by the God of the old testament and The Christ of the new. There was a covenant made between Noah and God but most importantly the Animals.

In the old testament God was Trying to stop people from harming and killing each other by using fear of punishment.

Then Christ did it with love and self sacrifice.

But there was a covenant Made between God and the Animals that there would be a reckoning regarding Animal Harm and murder. There will be a Judgement and we will be shown our “sins”. Not only our harm against our fellow Man But what we have done to Animals. 

(Genesis chapter 9:3-5) “3. Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things. 4. But flesh with the life thereof, which is the blood thereof, shall ye not eat. 5. And surely your blood of your lives will I require; at the hand of every beast will I require it, and at the hand of man; at the hand of every man’s bother will I require the life of man.”

I have been told there are ancient Gods that are awaiting release in order to harvest this planet and the ones that reman will be those that can understand their crimes and repent. Then start to repair this planet.

We have been enslaving, torturing’s, murdering and eating animals for how long as a species? Our crimes are many.

Its going to take a lot of bravery for us to look at ourselves and really see the harm we have caused.

But we can do it together!

We can stop harming each other, our self, and most importantly the Animals!

Then we will see the future for told by prophets of old. A heaven on earth. With no pain. If we want it we must Give it away! Give it to the Animals.

Isaiah chapter 11. 7: “And the cow and the bear shall feed; their young ones will  lie down together: And the lion shall eat straw like the ox…”

Isaiah chapter 11: 9: “They shall not hurt or destroy in all my holy mountain: for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.”

In July of this year I was at a church in the mountains. And I Channeled this letter to the Church. 

I ask you to make a covenant an agreement to not eat animals.

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  1. Just watched your videos Kristyna. Love it! I love your distinction of the distinction between fear and love. I thought to write about it here…fear…and what it is. May that be okay.

    I think that fear is a emotional word that is a response to consequence. Consequence, for me, is the essence of fear. For instance, if I harm a being, then I am at some level harming myself. This is a consequence. Whenever I think of the word fear I think of the word consequence. If I understand this, then understanding of conscious consequence can guide me in my decision making. I am child of God, God as a parent, allowis me to make mistakes and learn.

    When I understand that fear, to me, is conscious consequences. God wants me to understand conscious consequences. The emotion fear sometimes is a side effect consequences when I do not understand them.
    I think there is such as thing as “conscious fear”. This is when God through people communicating allow us to move through the emotion of fear to the place of understanding conscious consequence.

    I like how you talk about fear in the old testament as a causal force.
    I like how you talk about Jesus and how love is a causal force.

    I think, a similar process occurs with love as well as love is a sacred mystery. Love is not a thought, or a belief. Rather, love is an divine experience. I forget this sometimes, but I tend to remember this sacred mystery of love that is constantly revealing every moment.

    I love your kitty cat in the first video! Beautiful. This message is important that you are sharing. Our son has recently decreased his intake of eating animals. I mostly don’t eat animals. 1-2 meals a week. A Chinese Medicine doctor suggested my wife eat meat once a week. Years ago we were vegan for many years.

    I love how you say don’t use the word meat. Use the word animals. It is more accurate to say that. It is a conscious assertion in which one must contemplate what am I doing now?

    I thinking using the word animals instead of meat invokes how there is a consequence to eating animals. This I think is a profound message which I am grateful you are sharing.

    Thank you for sharing these awesome videos of you and the space where you are and your awesome kitty cat.

    I drank two coffees watching your videos this morning Kristyna . I love your thing hanging that has an image of person meditating. I think it is also interesting and beautiful how you talk about prophets and how and why prophets talk. I appreciate that dimension of seeing prophets and how you share it uniquely and it enhances my experience of what that is, where it is, when it is, and its sacred mystery revealing.

    Thanks Kristyna

    1. Thank you for reading and watching. And I really enjoyed your response about Fear and Love. And what you said about unconscious fear and conscious fear I had never thought about it that way. I have only recently sense receiving this message stopped eating any type of Animal products. And now the conscious fear you talked about is passing. Now I just try to share this message. So thank you so much for listening. The cats name is Cory and she lives with us now after a ruff start.

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