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Hi everyone 

I hear alot about starseeds . So here goes.

How kan you tell if you are originated from earth or are a starseed ?

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  1. Great question. A psychic way is to ask the universe “Am I a starseed?” If you get an answer before you finish asking then it is likely correct. Alternately, there could be silence and after a period of time you forget you asked the question, and a word hits you like lightening entering the body.

    Another suggestion is to wait for a moment where you spontaneously ask the question, ..you find it just comes out of your mouth.

    Being able to make a distinction of how answers arrive by practicing and verifying then the answer become corroborative evidence that it is if not likely accurate, it is certain. Yes and No answers are highly discernible. Other answers have what Remote Viewing call AOL analytic overlay which I then probe further repetitively for accuracy.

    If something is important (to me), the question will ask it self over and over and over in my mind. I have done this for hours, days, months, years and even decades now with certain questions yielding answers.

    This is a great question. Thanks for asking.

  2. Hmm… maybe you could get a hypnosis session with a QHHT practioneer to find out.
    To me it happened one time, that I got a healing from ETs while having pneumonia. I could not open my eyes nor move, but when they touched my hand gently I felt tremendous love an the opening of my heart chakra. And I suddenly remembered another “home” and after that I was terribly homesick and could not relate to my human life anymore. Espedcially that everything in the homes of earthlings is rectangular and with pointy edges…..

    Thankfully that lastet only minutes. But from that day on I startet questening, why I would be homesick although I felt I am totally an earthling withbody mind and soul. The conclusion was that I must be a starseed. And now I live with that.

  3. Hello
    Going by my understanding, it is that all souls originate from source. So they have had lifetimes in other star systems or even other universes before incarnating or being on Earth.
    How they get here and where they have been is also another story.
    There are also human beings on earth that were not born on this planet, but live in remote settlements away from the population.
    If you think about the story about superman, it suggests that humans not from earth could live on earth and maybe they are not so switched off with their DNA.

    1. Maybe, I don’t know. I just know I am not a star seed so maybe my soul has been on earth from the beginning. Maybe before that I was on 2 density here or somewhere else. But, I believe we are all eternal with no beginning and no end.

    2. I’m replying to my own comment in reference to it, not sure if it gives everyone notifications that I am replying to everyones comment, but don’t mind either way.. But it makes sense also, that being in the presence of others who do not shut down the DNA of others will activate others. And so activating DNA can affect others around etc.. And this is also one reason why some feel they need to be alone at times, or live in the remote settlements as mentioned.

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