We’re at the beginning of a new era.

Nothing from before will directly apply. Our history will be helpful here, but stagnation in progress is coming to a head.

People want safety, security, and above all else, comfort.

That’s not life.

“It’s so tiresome.” Is something people are getting too used to saying. Fresh blood that knows it’s history is going to be the reason to fight again.

Struggling to improve, through pain and for fun. That’s life!

And if it’s too easy to make anything and everything happen, then that’s when comfort gets boring.

That’s when struggling is exciting and fun, and that’s what makes change happen. Like it always has.

So, if you want to stop being bored and tired, get up and struggle for the fun of it!

That’s the new era: Fun Struggles. It’ll be exciting to see how bored, sleepy comfort gets kicked to the curb!

The key ingredient is to stop being mature and smart about it. Stop thinking, and do ***sonething*** for the hell of it, then keep doing it!

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