Wow I am to write a bio, ok

Disclaimer, “I am Not Jesus” but I am picking up what he is laying down and it’s not whatever one thinks. (willing to expand on that it you want.) The best lies contain truth. You just got to “discern” it for yourself. Ask God and use your brain to figure it out, nobody else. We keep following the blind instead of using our own eyes. We are all Theologians. We all have a theory of God, just different beliefs around what exactly that is all about. My practice is simple…In the beginning was God. So everything after that….

Never been a self promoter, enjoy watching others shine and if I can be a part of that including just being the witness of it then I do so with an open heart and the mind just comes along for the adventure.

Survival, first game everyone learns to play.

QHHT practitioner 15 years (personal I have not had any hypnosis), no past life regressions personally, I only studied QHHT because I already know about reincarnation, because I was born remembering/not mind wiped as is the case with pretty much everyone else, Dolores at least got most of it. You can believe me on this or not, freewill is for everyone, but you will not be able to break my beliefs because they are not beliefs, it is what I know from experience, direct personal experience. I will share anything you want to know but this way is slow, if you have any questions I will explain if better for you to grasp an understanding of it.

For those who read aura’s(had mine read once) mine was said to be Golden, no breaks and coming off me like flames. I don’t read aura’s and had to look that up. they call it Christ consciousness, but it is simply knowing your connection and that it is not breakable, unless we do it.

Born, July 8, 1968 earliest memories….I remember the send off…the golden colors like a sunset but a city, buildings and streets all different shades of gold……the beings around me, supporting, encouraging, embracing……leaving the light and entering what felt like a ever increasing dark tunnel pulling me towards it and away from the light, saying too myself in an affirming “Don’t Forget”….trying to hold the memory as I felt it leaving me as my attention was pulled to the darkness that I was heading towards being drawn me, pull me with no effort on my part having to do anything, but go willingly, one may feel without control other then my intention to enter it, Focused on entering the darkness before me as it grew the light behind me lessen in size and presence, doubt set in to my ability to remember and complete my task, recalling everything about having of my memories, My focus returned to the darkness approaching and coming nearer…..”Don’t Forget” again I remember clearly telling myself as again I felt I was forgetting, slipping from my recall ability, losing details of recall, becoming “Not as easy as I thought to hold on to what I know”, so again I attempted to recall all that was attempting to remember, this time to my sadness, I felt I had lost some completely, my original confidence shaken but having accepted this as a lose and unable to stop, not willing to forsake my original intention for doing this, the boldness of confidence was hugely shaken, frustrated like “Shit.” I could see, feel and sense the light getting smaller and reasoned the opposite would be happening behind me, accepting and rationalizing the rest of it will be enough, there really was no stopping it now again I turned my attention and perception to the direction I was headed and focused on the dark. embracing what I could recall and accepting it as to be good enough for success. I started to think about or anticipating how I would be able to enact my memories that I carried with and what I had left to work with, in doing so in effort to recall the details, I could lost more information, the third time I remember saying to myself “Don’t forget” with more disappointment and regret about also with enough memories still intact that I was still recalling at least 1/2 clearly enough that it felt good and solid just before being squeezed threw something (forgive me for saying it) wet and snug, opening my eyes and say “Shit, I am human and that means I got to remember for two years before I could talk. ”

More to come in time sorry, got to go…..

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