Invocation toThe Cosmic Light

Beloved Glorious I AM Presence, Light of my soul,

may the Light of Cosmic Illumination, the Light of Cosmic Victory and Love

be poured into the Earth from all available Sources,

like the Light of a thousand suns to permeate the atmosphere of Earth,

to saturate all Her people and Her many kingdoms.

May all negativity, illusion, glamour and karma

be transmuted by this Great Cosmic Light of God that never fails.

May the Great Golden Age of enlightenment, love, peace,

brotherhood and prosperity for all be established now upon our dear planet

by the action of this Great Cosmic Light.

By the authority of my Beloved I AM Presence and

the authority of every Beloved I AM Presence of Humanity,

all the Kingdoms of the Earth, the Light of the Mother/Father,

by the authority of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood

I decree:

As a Son/Daughter of God, “I AM” the authority on Earth,

and I AM calling now for the action of the Light of a thousand suns

to be released now on this beloved planet for the immediate transformation

of Earth into the “Shining Star” that is Her destiny

and for the raising up of all humanity into their Eternal Freedom

in the Realms of Light and Divine Perfection.

I request that the Light that is needed to manifest the Kingdom of God on Earth,

as it is in Heaven be released now without limit in accordance and

in absolute alignment with Prime Creator’s Divine Plan for the Earth,

all of Humanity and all the Kingdoms of the Earth.

And so it is, Beloved I AM!

Jose Luis Campos aKa Mystickal Muze

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