What is the soul?

Let’s start with  Let’s start with the holy trinity. In Christianity they say “the father (spirit), the son (the product of mind and spirit, in other words, thought aka Thoth/Heru), and the holy spirit.” The holy spirit is in fact the mind, the consciousness that pervades all and is the source of all creation.

The spirit is the mother archetype (dont be confused, the roles are inverted in this world called maya which goes into the reason for the transgenderism agenda). passion/compassion, the understanding, forgiving sympathetic (we experience him as an abundant electric and compelling force). The mind, which is the father archetype in our world, the indelible knower (know-her), and teacher, is a fractal of the original aka the most high god aka pimander or Draco queen, with all its/her likeness which is actually described as magnetism (this inversion is why women are the true hidden gods. magnetic power is thought to be the power of the feminine for a reason despite it resonating as a masculine trait).

you are the consciousness of the spirit encompassed within the mind, or, mind encompassing the spirit (simultaneously counter-rotating fields). The only difference is the direction of orientation. Oriented outward you are the thinking spirit. Oriented inward you are the witnessing mind. Oriented toward center, EVENTUALLY, you will find yourself at the tree of life where the powers of creation are yours to command.

Take a look at the image above (or below if this is a social media post) that is called a monad, the dot in the middle is your spirit, and the outline is your mind, and the space in between, being holographic in a sense (electromagnetic torsion field), is the idea of you (this is what the church calls “the son”) with zero limit in potential growth within the mind. The entire monad is you, the soul (but right now your dreaming of being the idea). The soul is the product of the two primary forces becoming both the 1 and the 3. It was the only creation of the most high god (mind/dragon) in accordance with the almighty god (greatest collective spirit) and holds all the qualities of both of them (the original one infinite creator).

Now, consider for a moment the infinite potential of thought.. This is to conceive the limitless magnitude of the soul. To understand this, picture a seed that grows into a tree and that tree when of age may produce seed. The pattern of the tree was held fully within the seed. Meaning the whole tree and all its produce were all stored within it. Not only this but that tree can then reproduce and perpetuate the pattern eternally unless some force (alternate thought) acts upon it.

At this point I would just like to point out to you that your words are seeds and the moment they are spoken they are sewn with incredible potential that WILL become something much greater whether it be good or ill. We are all suffering or prospering from our words all the time!

“cover your mouth your words are sacred” -Lord Enki

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