The Blue Avians & The Law of One - Course Excerpts

Corey & Mike Class Teachings

Extended excerpt video to give a sense of the depth of teaching within the 10+ hour course. View More Details on the Blue Avians & Law of One course here:

The course covers subjects including Corey’s history of interaction with the Blue Avians and their information about the universe and our upcoming ascension event, Corey’s experiences with the Anshar (4th density, inner earth confederation members), and many other subjects related to spiritual growth & the Law of One.

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  1. I’m engaging with with these people too. And like you they do everything they can without physically getting involved to bring my frequency down.
    I now refuse to let them by being positive and connecting to someone I love. That’s all we need to do. Make loving connections with who is in your life to keep raising your frequency

  2. Talk about hitting the nail on the head. This 4d transition is chaotic for me. Hearing people I recognize and not seeing them just throws me off. Apparently its all negative to me. All they do is just bring me down.

  3. Amazing! thank you both <3 I have been in contact with a huge blue sphere once in a ''vision quest'', but was definitely to high (from no water no food) to really take the time to feel what it was… and just the other morning i had a beautiful dream. I was sitting on a balcony with a friend… a awk (bird) was flying in circle around the building and every turn it would come closer to us. Every time i saw it closer i was mesmerize by is colors, a bright deep blue… and at some point the bird came on my left shoulder and snugged my neck & head, feeling a huge draft of love. I woke up with the feeling since the dream was so vivid. Maybe the blue avian came in my dream? maybe it was just a dream… but i received a lot from it. So listening to the information's share here make me wonder & wanna stay open <3 Best regards to you's! Big love!

  4. With great respect, I thank you, Corey, for your fantastic offer related to Spiritual Growth & the Law of One, which I have been following your journey for many years, I sadly have to decline this great offer due to lack of funds @ this present time, every extra amount of monies will be used to keep my family & I alive through this evolved Cabal/DeepState shit storm chaos. When the Sun shines bright & the Birds start to sing again, I will hope this great offer still stands, until then Corey, thank you for your time & patience, yes, I want to learn. ………………… Alan C.

  5. I don’t know if anyone of importance sees these but I’ma contactee. I have 3 adult hybrid sons who went away on a mission and they’re right off passage was to meet me. So I know I won’t see them again. However a few weeks ago I was allowed to meet my youngest. The little boy said his name was 3 and my girl (cute little thing with no nose bridge, my eyes and my freckles) said her name was 6. They didn’t talk much English mostly telepathic thoughts. But one thing they both kept repeating was “May”. Could it be that they plan on coming in may? I took it as they wanted me to come live with them in may. I said Matt is too soon, how about when I’m 80, I’ll come be with you so that I can raise my human children and be there for my grandchildren. They were sad 🙁
    But if what they meant was they were coming in may, that is very exciting to me. I love them I miss them and I hate that I broke their heart by saying I didn’t want to come in may.
    Also I got in a little argument with a large Being who seemed to think I belonged to him. I was angry at the med tubes. I felt like they weren’t properly maintaining them. They wouldn’t validate my concerns so I mentalizar at him that I would break my contract and take half of what is mine from the program. I feel bad about it more threatening to divorce/break contract. They led me to the med tube and I went in. Total acid trip lol then they took me back. Since then they’ve left me alone. I don’t want to lose my children because of a human burst of pride and anger. I just need some direction.

  6. Here’s a writing unpublished to this day, by Valum Votan, who was known by the name Jose Arguelles. Known by his work on The Law of Time. He organised the Event Harmonic Conversion, in 1987.
    It’s his perception of reality as a “becoming” with a choice involved, that he writes about.

    And also what occurred as the creation of “Maya” how planet Earth evolved, with a poetic description of the energies, the processes, involved.
    To me, this matches well with what this conversation is about.

  7. Here’s a short video with Lia Scallon with the song “Temple of the Maya”. For the fellowship of the inner Earth Mayans, in honour of their wisdom and skills.
    In the description: “Immerse yourself in the world of the Ancient Maya. Allow their wisdom and artistry to connect you to the beauty of the Earth, and the mysteries of the Cosmos. Lia Scallon’s exquisite and ethereal Light Language vocals on ‘Temple of the Maya’ from her award-winning album ‘Return of the Star Elders’, open the door to deeper levels of consciousness”.

  8. I can not recommend this course enough. Corey and Mike get together and side by side compare Corey’s story to The Law of One. It was THIS course that finally made me realize that The Law of One wasn’t some distant philosophy that we wish we could achieve BUT that we ARE achieving. That it is ALL of us. Sure we get the folks like Corey’s that have to go out there and be the face of it all…sorry that you gotta do all this Corey but truly appreciate your placement as human among us humans. Most of us do not get or do not remember the experiences that Corey describes he has had but I never felt that his story was very far from my own nor that he is in anyway separate or above us all because of his experiences, nor that he tries to be hierarchically “better” than us who don’t remember our experiences.

    This course takes the Law of One and shows how it is manifested into Corey so we can see how it is manifested in us all. Hats off to you Corey for going through with the message, against so many odds, so that we too can know we are what we have been waiting for. Big fat hug to Mike and his expertise in The Law of One. I am ever grateful for the likes of you folks at Ascension Works TV. Blessings🙏🏼 ❤️

    1. Beautiful comment, thank you, Sonia. When we experience ourselves as a work in progress, there’s suddenly, a sense of liberation, of having time on our hands. No pressure.

      Funny enough, it seems that only in that freedom, that “head-space” we can reach a momentum where our (perception of) reality may change in the blink of an eye. As if that freedom, that sense of expansion is the springboard 🛸 for elevation.

      And at the same time, for some of us, the captain’s call resounds… “All hands on deck” To me, it’s the skill of navigating, holding both in a balanced way.

  9. It’s beautiful synchronicity that I’ve started listening to the audible audio version of The Law of One, having gone as far as 4 hours into chapter 20. And so, with the memory of having read the 5 volumes in former years, this conversation makes much sense. I do feel, and it may be different for others, that there’s a same sort of vibration in what Corey shares about the beings he encounters, the Blue Avians, and the energy I sense in the Law of One channeling. Especially the original audio recordings where Carla Rueckert speaks the words during channeling, very slowly.
    There are a variety of forms in which the entire body of the Law of One material can be purchased here Either for free: mainly recordings, or by ordering this material as text, and more books written by the team that created the ambience for this channelling, since the sixties. The description of the creation of Universes, present in this video, makes perfect sense to me.

    In the school of Lee Bostwick, whose teachings are still available online, about Intuitive development, healing/reading, it was discussed how on planet Earth, the feminine aspect is separated from the masculine aspect in two separate physical bodies. One of the students made a remark, saying “The beings who created the physical human form may have decided to try out this separation, to see what would come of it.”

    That remark has always intrigued me, for I see all men and women running around on our planet, trying to become one with the “other half” which is only possible for brief moments of closest encounter. I’m no exception 😀 although, at my age, I’m beginning to see it with a more detached sense of humour, and
    amusement. I do begin to realise all the different roles I’ve tried, as a woman, to awaken a man’s interest.
    Now that I don’t have to immediately follow those impulsive imprints stored in my cellular memory. Ha!

  10. Wish I could afford the course. Thanks for this free bit. I go out at night and say hello to the ships I know are there. As I talk more show up. One night. A lovely bright green large orb flew over me a few feet up.