What is the Difference? 

Judgement is now. Justice is near.

Because of recent updates It has become clear to us that

Humans have been abused by “Evil” ET’s.

Humans have been taken, enslaved, tortured, and eaten by ET’s And

It is also clear to us that,

Humans have been taking, enslaving, torturing and eating Animals!

What is the difference?

If they must be stopped and judged, then we must also be stopped and judged!

The cycle of harm must end!

In July of this year 2021 I was visited by an ET that gave me a message, rules for humanity to live by …

We must Stop what we have been doing to Animals!

We must Stop in prisoning, enslaving, and eating Animals!

We have the chance Now to change this negative cycle of Harm and pain!

We can Do this! We can do it together!

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