The Darkness

This is a short story or poem of sorts that I Channeled this year from a “being” that wishes to remain anonymous but would like to share this story hope you enjoy…

The Darkness

 I walked seemingly alone in the darkness. Stumbling on things I could not see.

Then I could see a little light, small, faint, warm.

The light grew. Then I could see the demons all around me.

Scared, I closed my eyes again. Trying to forget what I saw.


I know now. They are all around.

So I freeze with fear

“ If I don’t move they want see me”

But it’s not true.

They see me and watch.

Paralyzed with fear, they attack!

Tearing at my flesh trying to take my eyes so I can not see.


I can still feel the demons around me.

So they move a little away.

But I can still hear them.

So they stay silent.

But I can still smell them.

So they disguise themselves with perfume.

But I still know of their presence.

They hide from me.

Alone again in the darkness. Stumbling again but now afraid of the things I can not see.

Then I remember the light I saw long ago, the warmth, the power.

I try to open my eyes but they are gone.

I feel for the warmth but all I feel is cold.

The sound of silence sinking deep.

The smell of life and death blend in an inseparable way.


Accepting my place.

I at least know I am not alone.

So I speak into the darkness hoping to be heard.

They don’t reply. But still I try to convince them to speak with me.

Then they do!

Trickery and lies they spoke but I did not care.

I was not alone.

I told them of the light and the warmth.

But they did not believe me because they could not see or feel it.

But wonder they did.

Afraid they were, that there was something they could not see.

“Give me my eyes back” I said

“Then I will show you where it is”.

They knew it was a trick but how else would they know?

So they locked me up in a cage and gave me my eyes.

I could see now but the light was far away.


I told them which direction to go. They went and took me with them as a guide. Still trapped in a cage.

We moved closer, the light brighter to me now.

They still could not see because their eyes were gone. In doubt and fear they beat me and tortured me for fooling them.

So then i said “ Take my eyes use them to see, then you will see as i do”

So they did 2 by 2 they looked,

seeing the light for the first time they wept, with fear, then came to me saying

“We are afraid of the light, what will it see when it looks at me?”

And I said, “ it has seen you all along, everything you have done and not done.”

They feel to their knees begging to have this taken away.

“ I can not take away the memory of the light but only the eyes you see with and if I take them from you, you will be afraid.”

“ Go into the light.” I said to them

“Go and return to tell me what it is.”

They were afraid, most of them returned to the darkness.

Others stayed.

Not knowing what to do. I made an offer.

“I will go into the light for you and return to tell you what it is”

They opened my cage and set me free.

The light before me, I jumped in….

And there I found it All!

I was there, it was warm, it was safe, it was good.

But I thought of the demons I left behind cold and afraid.

So I returned! I told them of the peace, the warmth, the paradise I had seen.

Most didn’t believe. But too afraid to see for themselves went back into the darkness.

A few remained. They were afraid too, but they decided to go !

In time they will return with horns and wings.

They will be given their own eyes more than 2 they will have many.

They will return.

They will pluck out their eyes and share them with many.

All will see But only few will choose to go.

Signed Anonymous

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