Organic Womb Technology for the Ensouling of Humanity.

My Story- Ensouling humanity is essential to ground us and bring us fully into our power. The soul nature is more than the personal soul – there is also cosmic soul. (Sophia or Wirracoucha) Women carry more cosmic soul than men because of the sacred womb and its miracle technology. Men have more spiritual potential and carry the Love energy. Thus we are compliments. 

 I want to impress and express that we all need to study and re claim the global matriarchal cultures that embodied this balance of complimenting forces of masc. and feminine principals in each. I am saddened that none in the disclosure movement realize this omission that is putting up a road block to success. This division and imbalance in our current world is why the ascension movement cannot reach completion. 

Heidi Gottner (german prof) has recorded and studied current thriving matriarchs in the world today and also from the past. It is here where there was safety and support for both genders to thrive and reach their potential as spiritual soulful beings with little fear of violence, poverty, control or dominance.

Wyldwood Sojourn is my own mini school that holds central the Andean pre patriarchal system of joining and activating womb and heart energies . It is the global method by which women self conceived via parthenogenesis, as well as the system used for the wombman to reach enlightenment fast track. Parthenogenesis was known and honoured by men in the worlds matriarchies and the Parthenon is the most recent example as the Temple of Parthenogenesis. This system is also how souls reached earth already enlightened. Some swamis say when this was alive and practiced with male support, there were 10 x more enlightened people on earth at one time.  African Amazons were parthenogenetic masters. 

I look forward to being able to share this information with this platform. I also have a book coming out in 2022 called the Dark Lodge.  Its time this disclosure group looked to the womb- the most hidden and unacknowledged sacred organ. As important as the heart and brain. We create much more than babies with our wombs.another level of awakening!

Maureen Walton. 

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    1. glad you noticed Scott. many women don’t even. yes yin yang… seems obvious we need both principals balanced within in balance to strengthen each individual. -The Anshar are matriarchal. but even Corey thinks its the opposite to a patriarch.

      1. Very interesting…been brainstorming this for years . The balance between the devine feminine and the Devine masculine….goes MUCH deeper bet yea….mmmm…. I think I need to try to put something together… This might take a bit.

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