Chris Beskar Discussing Pete Peterson at the Disclosure Summit

During the Disclosure Summit speaker panel on April 27th, 2024, I asked Chris Beskar (CEO of Stavatti Aerospace) to tell us about his history with Pete Peterson. In the past, David Wilcock had said that it was Pete Peterson who referred David to Chris to begin with because of their work together in the past. I was certainly curious to know about the specifics of that work and we got a very brief summary from Chris, which was mainly a summary of Pete’s life.


Mike: Are you willing to say what your history of experience interacting with Pete Peterson was?

Chris: Sure, sure. 

David Wilcock: Gonna save me some time in a couple hours!

Chris: Sure. Well, uh, Pete was a friend of mine. I knew him for over 20 years. I guess now that he passed away it has kind of been like 30.

But yeah, Pete and I were, were pretty good friends.

You know, he did have a government background. But let me go back to his pre-government background.

He was the, the child prodigy who tracked Sputnik with his satellite tracking station before there were satellites to track, which begs the question of what was he tracking with a satellite tracking station back in those days, which, uh, could be UFOs. Now this is a gentleman who saw a lot of UFOs and things like that, and was, was trained… well his dad kind of invented the cement mix truck and he was trained in the concrete business. So he had a lot of neat experiences in that sense.

But he had some training through Philo Farnsworth, which was pretty darn cool. And of course, Philo Farnsworth, that’s a whole other rabbit hole that leads us to everything from television to night vision goggles to fusion reactors. So there’s a lot of cool stuff there.

But, between that and other, other influencers he had on his life, most of them were pretty notorious. Everyone from Wernher von Braun to Ronald Reagan.

He ended up getting in the Marine Corps. He tried to join the Air Force. He actually was gonna go to the Air Force Academy but his whole situation changed with [inaudible] who passed away unfortunately.

And he ended up getting into the Marine Corp and became a Marine Corps officer.

And from there, the NSA, the CIA he did a lot of work for. Well, I think it was CIA first, then NSA.

We had a lot of neat experiences. We had a phone call with Condoleezza Rice one day, which, good, bad, or indifferent, we did have a conversation with Condoleezza Rice, you know, there’s a lot of interesting stories.

He was sent to do some things in Uganda. Idi Amin never was assassinated by Presidential Decree, but there were things like that.

And so he traveled around quite a bit. 

In his older years he became very focused on technology transfer. And so one of the things that I was actually involved with him in a business sense was a project to transfer a lot of technology out of Ukraine.

Now, this was back in the nineties, and of course, Ukraine was the center for Soviet Technology. And they had done all kinds of things ranging from compact nuclear reactors to aircraft design, to advanced materials like scandium aluminum that you would find in baseball bats.

And so that’s kind of my history with Pete. You know, I could go on and on and on for hours, but I hope that helps.

Mike: Absolutely. Thanks. Yeah, there so much skepticism on the internet about him that that’s wonderful.


For some mysterious reasons, the audio of my question and 90% of Chris Beskar’s answer to the question was initially lost in our recordings, but I later found the full exchange posted live on Facebook by “L Sophia Stratbucker SiriLivtar” at this URL, so we have the main recordings now edited to include this audio now as well:

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