The Omniverse, Metaverse, Quantumverse

It’s already here: what we’re witnessing now is the uncovering, veils rising of the artificial ascension into a tech-created multidimensional and interactive ‘world’ / ‘universe’ … multiverse. 

Infinite universes… 

AI Quantum computer driven machines that are already micro (or nano tech) and macro running unlimited number of potential scenarios, all at the same time: the ultimate predictive machine that will ultimately crown itself, god.

Don’t believe me, that’s your choice. I respect that.  

Not enough money to go up in space in person? No worries, your alt coin – a – verse or VC or whatever digital exchange is flowing – and it will flow; will be an incredible potentially mind-blowing opportunity for those paying in digital currencies. Like owning an NFT, digital versions will be for sale. And you will be able to purchase a digital ticket and subsequently ride in your rocket ship of choice, but digitally, of course. Think: Zoom rooms with immersive backgrounds 🤔 this is green screen on steroids – they’re already a thing 😳 (and people will settle for this type of universe).

For some not expecting this reality of multidimensional accomplishments of holographic proportions to be real, what if I told you that you don’t need any of this stuff to ascend and see with quantum eyes? Would you believe me? 

In the any number of universes within the Omniverse, your blockchain currencies flow and flood everywhere! What is coming will blow minds wide open in the Quantumverse! (That’s the organic light realities, not digital.)

The gold rush going on right now is a wild Wild West of all types, including visionaries… but what is your actual treasure? Is it money? Wealth? Riches? Power? Control? Greed? Envy? Lust… 

Pretty sure you get the idea. 

A digital ascension is trying to hijack the organic ascension of humanity. 

The battle is for your soul, your life force, your attention: ‘where attention goes, energy flows’  because it’s all there is, in the universe. We just got really good at creating all kinds of distractions from ourselves… really good! 

Time for a quick check-in with your soul perhaps?

And now here we are! The height of duality experiencing from Love/Fear to every kind of polar opposite, opposing but complimentary force there could be… we’ve felt and experienced it all… 

The digital ascension is trying to entice you by showing you their version of multidimensional realities… and it’s going to appear fun with all initial points that have been games early in… fun, games, escape, a reality you control every aspect of… a reality where perhaps, you’re (like) a god! 

But you forgot you can experience multidimensional quantum realities of LIGHT without the digital overlay, without the matrix, without nanotech, or devices, or glasses or anything outside of ourselves! 

We are ascending, regardless of a digital versions. The ascension is an organic process of light and doesn’t require man-made tech to procure the Creator given, right of our birthright, to ascend! 

We are the Organics! 

Find out more about the Metaverse, the Omniverse and the Quantumverse on Rumble channel: LyndaLight or YouTube channel: Lynda Light with the 144 RoundTable group. 

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