The Strength and Power of Rejection

This is a bit of a play on words, however it is also a call to see things differently.

This morning, in that time just before awakening, and when the comms between intuition and mind seem to shift into a higher gear, it was the word “rejection” that gained focus.

Like many of you, I’m trying to think in 4D terms more often. When the thought, “There is Strength in Rejection” came into my mind, it took a while to see the meaning. I’ve begun to take the time when awakening, to analyze and question myself as to “why” my intuition caused me to focus on a word, or thought. To be an observer of myself. Think about it.

The first question to “self” was, “What have you rejected lately?” The next was, “What or who has rejected you?”. My focus came back to the first question because just yesterday I had “ rejected” pain.

It was a small experiment I’d tried the day before when a very sharp pain had send shards of sharp unpleasant energy into my ankle. So yesterday, I’d been thinking about pain a lot. What was its purpose. If pain is “unreal” and an illusion in the holographic universe, why was I “feeling” it. Thus the experiment.

Pain in the past, in the 3D world, had/has almost always caused a negative reaction. Cussing and swearing, if not out loud, at least under my breath or in my mind would result.

If 4D thinking is to be more loving and forgiving, I asked my “self”, then how can I change my thinking to learn from the pain. My thinking evolved to say, “If pain were viewed to be an opportunity to choose between a negative reaction and a positive reaction, how would you view it?”. How do I adjust my perspective? How do I choose differently?

My experiment was to thank the pain. Thanks it for the opportunity to choose. To choose between a positive reaction and a negative one. To choose between providing “loosh” or providing “love”. This time I would “REJECT” to pain.

In my mind I thought , “Thank you pain. I love you because you presented me with an opportunity , a very obvious and noticeable opportunity to choose. I choose “REJECTION” of the negative “loosh” response and choose instead to 4D “showing some love” response.

It was a small experiment but it worked. I’ve tried it again since on a different opportunity for choosing and it is still working. LOL, a “Hippy Love Message” is a great choice.

“CHOOSE WISELY” is the message for self and other self. I’m very hopeful that like all experience……… I’ll get much better with practice.

PS: When I notice how this 3D negative world uses the term “rejection”, it most often has a negative connotation. It’s no wonder seeing the word… can trigger so many “selves”. My desire is to see more and more 4D type responses ahead.

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