Micro-Nova Speculation

Solar Minimum, as shown above, for the current cycle (#25), is approximately 8 to 9 years away. Measured  in months, the light green line is on its upward march toward a maximum that it could reach in the next 1-1/2 to 5 -/2 years. The cycle began 11-17-19, so we have already climbed out of the last minimum beginning almost 3 years ago ( the end of the pink #24 cycle). The length of the cycle is approximately 11 years. Some have been shorter as the chart indicates. Of the last four cycles, #23-red was the longest and cycle #22 -dark green the shortest.

We are just under 36 months into the new cycle. We have about 8 to 9 years left before we reach minimum. The time frame of 2033/34 given by the New Guardians would mean that we will likely have already reached the minimum for cycle #25 and begun cycle #26 on its move upward.

Pure speculation on my part would be that the rapid increase in solar activity would mirror or even be faster than cycle #22, which reached its peak in a little less than 3 years. The breakdown of the magnetic field and the rapid increase in sunspot activity from galactics energy waves impacting the solar system may make the micro-nova plasma release occur even faster than that. It might happen in as little as one to two years this time.

This makes the 2033/34 time frame become even more realistic to me than any past speculation. 

I just wanted to share these thoughts to help me visualize it and perhaps others have better picture of possibilities/probabilities from information in the latest update. IMO as usual.

Chart Credit : http://solen.info/

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