Intuition: Being Described by Ra In “Law of One”

Many of us have gone years waiting to feel inspired to do something or go somewhere. To be inspired to create something, be artistic or inspire others to accomplish above and beyond the average. The distractions created to keep us complacent, docile, un-motivated and compliant have been in control for much too long. Out inspiration may be just around the corner. Our minds may first have to compromise in its knowledge base and be balanced with a hefty dose off INTUITION.

I think you see what I mean below:

Session 38.4

In discussing with Ra the concept of inspiration and what brought about something that would be considered inspiration, Ra replied……my paraphrasing…. The person/entity becomes inspired after

Having “an extraordinary facility or desire to know or to receive” in a certain area

That desire to be accompanied by the ability to open to and trust in what you may call intuition.

Later Ra was asked by Don Elkins about the brain: “I was wondering……. if the left and the right brain were somehow related to the polarities of service to self and service to others.

Session 49.4 Again paraphrasing :

The entity ruled by intuition and impulse is equal to the entity governed by rational analysis when polarity is considered.

The lobes may both be used for service to self or service to others:

Rational Mind

“It may seem that the rational or analytical mind might have more of a possibility of successfully pursuing the negative orientation due to the fact that, in our understanding, too much order is by its essence negative.”

Abstract Mind

“However, this same ability to structure abstract concepts and to analyze experiential data may be the key to rapid positive polarization. It may be said that those whose analytical capacities are predominant have somewhat more to work with in polarizing.”

The function of intuition is to inform intelligence.

Balance is needed

“The unbridled predominance of intuition will tend to keep an entity from the greater polarizations due to the vagaries* of intuitive perception.”

*Vagaries: Enexpected and inexplicable changes.

These two types of brain structure need to be balanced in order that the net sum of experiential catalyst will be polarization and illumination………..        for without the acceptance by the rational mind of the worth of the intuitive faculty……. the creative aspects which aid in illumination will be stifled.

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PS: In the group “Discovering Intuition – A Voice of the Higher Self”  at AscensionWorksTV I’ll be exploring more about Intuition. Join us if you feel drawn to the subject.

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    1. One perspective is to see intelligence as the physical aspect…… the space time component of ME (Mind Eternal) and intuition as the spiritual aspect………. the time/space component of ME. The 3D world that thinks separation, also thinks these are two separate elements………….. however, as we transition to 4D we recognize that they are best utilized, or thought of, as one consciousness. One consciousness working in unity.
      “The function of intuition is to inform intelligence.”
      Intuition is the horse…. before the intelligence cart. Intuition would give the intelligence direction. Positive or negative depending on the stage of recognition that we are “ONE” and opportunity of having catalyst to choose.

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