How Perfect is Perfect Enough? What Frequency is High Enough? How High is High Enough?

In the group “Discovering Intuition – a Voice of the Higher Self”, it would be great to think that, for learning purposes, there is a goal for which we can feel a process of growth and accomplishment is being achieved. If you feel connected to the Higher self…… how high is high enough? How high is high enough that you feel a change to a higher frequency has been reached?

These are all 3D concepts, I understand, but whether you’re still in 3D thinking mode or feel you’ve moved beyond that, I’m going to start this blog there, to illustrate the point I’m wanting to make.

So…… For many people, thinking in 3D terms, the concept that you’re already perfect, is beyond comprehension. Or, that you are “One” with everything in Creation. or, that you are Love…… may be a bit difficult to handle.

3D (Third Density), words and concepts…. like goals, or a process for growth, or accomplishments and even the concept of having a Higher Self seems to be a good platform to start a mental process of looking toward a “Higher High” progression.

We are conditioned to think in “baby steps” or one day at a time and that it is a lifelong/eternal process. However, by whom are we conditioned and taught that?

Give it some deep thought and you will soon realize that, according to Corey and many others, (including your own intuition), you are currently living in a negative timeline world. That world has been the teacher. The lower vibration world that has been conditioning and teaching you and me for a long time.

Perhaps, in spite of your recognition of how controlled you’ve been, and realizing you’ve been slowed down in hundreds of ways from finding out about being controlled, you can finally mentally deal with that control….. and move on. You are more in control than you had ever realized.

So the question is. How do we move on?

Baby steps? Really????

No! You seriously can’t afford energetically to still be thinking small.

I’m saying…. think bigger. Think bigger, think higher and expect greater results. Stop limiting your ability to think, your ability to act, your ability to change, your ability to grow, your ability to learn, your ability to teach, and any other potential you can imagine you might possess.

Your mind, just by being associated with other self exploring entities, has already brought you to a launch pad for super potential. You can now begin to excel in inner growth and understanding. To move toward the 4D and 5D area of thinking, the point of entry is already here for many, and just around the corner for many more.

Whatever you think of yourself as being, like a star seed, or a wonderer, or an incarnated higher dimensional being, whatever……. you are living on a 4D planet that wants its occupants to enjoy the ride of its 4D perspective.

Changing your 3D thinking can transition you immediately, based on your “Intuitive Knowing” and feeling. The “Intuitive Knowing”….. that in Reality, you are already perfect. This 3D game we take so 3D seriously, can be played and transitioned to higher realms without fear and trepidation. Make quicker use of,

and more often use of, the concept that you are already perfect………. perfect enough to make giant steps in recollecting who and what you already are…….. and then……transition into getting comfortable in that knowledge.

Your Intuition will guide you in controlling that process. There is no deadline, no death, that can interfere with you eventually coming to that understanding.

Time is seen as precious in 3D, and less so in 4D and 5D terms. If you are already perfect, then allow yourself to wrap your 3D mind around being able to begin thinking more often in 4D and 5D terms while still being surrounded by 3D thinkers. Realize that in this process….. as you begin to more often find yourself thinking in “Higher Self/6D “ terms….. you are reaching “giant step” plateaus in frequency and understanding.

The higher self is not the perfect self, although it is certainly beyond 3D, 4D and 5D, it is a step in the positive direction that is leaps and bounds above the world you occupy now. It’s no wonder that star seeds are excited to help others join in the joy they feel in taking off the heavy shell of physical reality and move to the “lighter” forms of experience.

It’s all part of the learning process until……… ironically……. perfection is realized and appreciated. The Real You, the “One”, has never been a part of this illusion in time/space and space/time……… in the first place. The One recognizes the existence of perfection only.

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