Ending Negativity: A Reality Check

Transitioning our attention to 4D thinking does not come without a caveat.  Don’t believe that there is no negativity in the 4D world. We might not need to be reminded, but the transition we’re going through from the ruff and tumble of 3D, to the more peaceful 4D, is not going to eliminate “negativity”.  Like in 3D…. learn to avoid it and its influence.

I say this because there appears to be a number of people that think that transitioning from 3D positive to 4D positive is like the religious type experience of going to “heaven”.  The Law of One mentions that this is not the case. 

The Earth may very well be vibrating on a 4D frequency, and 3D behavior and thinking is destined to leave the Earth in the not too distant future, but free will choices being all positive, is not reality in the physical and spiritual realm. Having to choose will be a big part of ascension for all of us, well beyond our current status.

According to the Law of One, the heavenly circumstances of peace and love and prosperity, that I grew up thinking was the reward for goodness (positivity), isn’t reached until quit a bit more progress is made in the expression of Love. There may very well be a thousand years of peace, but, a thousand years is nothing in eternal terms. A rest period perhaps, but only a resting phase in the journey to 6D/7D.

That’s not to say it won’t be a pleasant and lovely period of experience. When Corey talks about Karee and the 4D Anshar they seem to be very advanced in their capacity of expressing love. Compared to us, their view of existence, and the peace and joy their collective family and community experiences, is admirable. 

We currently understand that to make the transition to 4D positive, the degree of our focus on “others” is 51% or greater. That also means that looking out for our self interests is still at 49%. I don’t think I’ve heard what the percentage of focus on “others” is to move to 5D positive, but I would think it might be in the 70%+ range and to 6D, perhaps 90%+. By 7D there are no “others”.

We can stop or stay at any of these transitional stages of ascension on the path to Oneness, for as long as we freely choose. It seems the jump from a 3D negative timeline to a 3D positive/4D positive is extremely challenging, especially as a result of the veil of forgetfulness. The time and effort may very well be a function of the extreme value of the experiences gained and choices made within the 3D frequency.

My point is…….. we see that there is a bigger picture. And we understand that this is a process. It doesn’t have to be an attitude of all or nothing right now. Patience to the MAX is recommended. At least, I’m hoping, the thing that will help us most is that the veil of forgetfulness is less opaque or gone as we continue our journey through the ascension process.

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