Dichotomy: Service to Self and Service to Others

My Intuition spoke to me today and asked me to ponder the concepts: Service to Self and Service to Others. It was an interesting study as was the string of thoughts that resulted.

I guess I instinctively approached it from the view point of a teacher of young adults, obviously as a secondary school teacher for many years, it seemed an appropriate beginning. The main reason for thinking about this at all, was a message from a member of the group “ Intuition – A Voice of the Higher Self” that questioned how to best think of these approaches.

The voice/thought said “dichotomy”, and at first I thought, “Where did that word come from”?

I know I’d heard the word, most likely read the word in a book or heard someone use it in a conversation, but why did it pop into my head? I’ve seldom used it in a sentence.

So I looked it up…… and, what did I see? “A division or contrast between two things that are, or are represented as being opposed or entirely different.” and…….. “A partition of a whole into two parts” In Botany it was described as “repeated branching into two equal parts.”

Now that was interesting. So then I looked up synonyms for dichotomy and I got : difference, disagreement, disunion, split, and separation. So there it was. The complete opposite of “Oneness”.

So the division between, and the representation of these two concepts of “Service”, is based on the belief that Self and Others are separated. In 3D that is such a simple concept to accept. Separation seems to be the theme of our 3D existence. In a negative timeline the Self being the important status, The goal of negativity is 100% thinking self, self, self.

Is there a motivation to move to a positive timeline? IMHO yes, and it necessitates a change of opinion, attitude and direction in the concept of “what is self and what is service”.

If then, our ascension from 3D/4D to 4D/5D depends of reaching and maintaining a more than 50% dominance of a Service to Others ability, the challenge is to gain that attitude and mind set while completely in a 3D world. The question is, will all 3D Earth beings attend the graduation/ascension? That is the challenge for you to answer and to determine if it is for you. You are the 3D fractal that would want to stop being a fractal, or a part of the whole, and join with all parts to become the “One”. Totally undivided and unseparated.

Can we think of our “Self” and whats good for ourself, and not think we are selfish? LOO indicates that while your experiencing 3D Earth Life you can. If you have no more that 49% of you attention to self you will still be progressing in your process of moving more toward 4D and 5D positive thinking/being. You never have to surrender your 3D self to being a door mat or always have to put others needs before yours while here. As ascension progresses toward the 6D frequency, especially like those who speak of the “Law of One”, the separation between self and other self becomes less and less. Understand….. It’s a process.

As an analogy this is simply like moving from Elementary to High Schools, to collages and universities. The learning process at each level prepares the student to better knowing their surroundings, potential and the many possibilities/probabilities that can occur. I know I’m talking to the choir here, but this may give you some ideas to help others, if they have questions about understanding a concept, as I feel I did today. I’m hoping this is helpful.

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  1. Now you got me thinking about it! Lol! I like to believe at the core of it all there is no difference. That true service to self is service to others. I like to look for the “win,win,win” situation. Were my actions are of service to myself and others and unknown others will benefit.Because if we are one there is no difference at the core. We get distracted by needs and wants that confuse us and that make them appear to be different.
    Thank you for getting me thinking this morning. Hope you have a great day!

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