Code Of Ethics for a living philosophy

– To bring blessing on yourself, bless your neighbor.

– To enrich yourself, enrich your neighbors.

– Honor your neighbor and your neighbor will honor you.

– To sorely hurt yourself, hurt your neighbor.

– He who seeks love will find it by giving it.

– The measure of a man’s wealth, is the measure of the wealth he has given.

– To enrich yourself with many friends, enrich your friends with yourself.

– That which you take away from any man, the world will take away from you.

– When you take the first step to give yourself to that which you want, it will also take the first step to give itself to you.

– Peace and happiness do not come to you from your horizon. They spread from you out to infinity beyond your horizon.

– The whole Universe is a mirror which reflects back to you, that which you reflect into it.

– Love is like the ascent of a high mountain peak. It comes ever nearer to you as you go ever nearer to it.


Copyright (1955) by Lao Russell of the University of Science and Philosophy

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