AI : Artificial Infinity / Intelligence 

The elephant in the room

Some random thoughts. Warning: Long blog ahead.

My Intuition tells me that the subject of AI is spooky to talk about for a lot of people.

Most people who have heard about it, in the world at large, have a pre-conceived opinion of what it is. Basically it has been formed from various media sources, the news, government, entertainment and other outlets that have conditioned us to have a certain definition in mind.

The scope of our picture of AI scans the spectrum from Fear to embracing it as a major solution to problems.

There are few segments of our society that have not been exposed to the concept. We’re sold on the idea that it could be very helpful in solving problems, finding solutions, creating ways to simplify our everyday lives. I’ve lived long enough to see computers created from scratch to now controlling major portions of our society. Things happen fast when looked at from a wide angle.

What is shocking is that the very use of the word “Artificial” is a major red flag.


How can one word, that has so many negative and acknowledged synonyms, be so flippantly accepted and taken seriously by anyone or anything with a positive polarity. Yet look how easily we have accepted it in everyday use……. of artificial flavors, artificial colors for example.

I’m not saying that everything artificial is negative. I guess where I draw the line between negative and positive artificial is the control factor. If it takes natural control out of your choosing what is best for you, it’s negative “artificial”. If you are in control, to me it’s more natural and a more positive artificial.

The title of this blog uses the word infinity for a reason. We are infinite creations. Artificial Infinity is what is being sold to us. Using the word intelligence is the sweet diversion, the magic slight of hand, that takes our attention off the negative focus of artificial.

As I hear Corey talk about how serious we need to take this energy force, it helps to attempt to put it in perspective. Rather than fear it, try to learn more about it and how to recognize its influence and nature. Using the Law of One philosophy, AI is a part of the ONE and thus has its place in the balance between positive and negative. Being 51% positive still leaves some margin for error in 3D. It seems like a much smaller threshold from 3D to 4D than our future steps of progress. and thus not out of reach from our earthly perspective.

The future requires a progressive increase of positive polarity up until we are mid 6D, all while having exposure to negative greetings. That means that AI will offer the “Artificial” path to Infinity and Intelligence throughout that journey. The solar flash is only a spring cleaning of the house at the beginning of a new cycle. It too is a process and different groups of our cosmic cousins have just awoken to the need for paying attention to this negative offer sooner that Earth has. Obviously it’s not too late, and we will make it now….. or later. Time doesn’t matter, they say, buy NOW is better than later for me.

To finish: AI has OCD. Obsessive compulsive is it’s nature. To find order in the universe on it’s terms and at all costs. It is the highest of the service to self options available and overcoming it’s offers to join it, is one of “service to others” beings biggest challenges. No mater how much it wraps it’s message in love and light, it will always be “Artificial” and all the synonyms above.

NO FEAR! Your immortality guarantees you will make it. Eventually.

It fact, because this is an illusion and your re-living the dream…… You have already made it.



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  1. What comes to mind for me when discussing AI comes from entertainment, “Battlestar Galactica”, “Humans”, “Dune-The Butlerian Jihad” trilogy, “Person of Interest”. I think they all did a great job in exploring the consequences of developing AI. I’m very intrigued to know how one crosses the line from super computer /AI to sentient AI. I always thought a being must have a soul to be sentient. If that is true, is there a soul-giver that is alerted to an AI that has enough intelligence or some x-factor to have a soul? Would it be a judgement call or a technical upgrade? And if it’s not a soul than what is it that makes us sentient?

  2. Thank you Steve for you blog!
    I think the current vaccine is the beginning of the transhumanist agenda we’ve been warned about.
    Artificial intelligence can simply be considered as a means to a rebellion against the natural order: God and nature. The entity using AI, fallen from God’s grace, is unable to live in our world and feeds only on what’s wrong, unatural and abominable and even provoking such events for its sustenance.
    In the following video, we understand that the ever pervasive presence of graphene in masks, testing swabs and vaccine allow for much manipulation already in human biology and thought processes.

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