Change what causes noxious gases

Change the fuel w/causes noxious fumes/gases, everyday I hear electric cars/trucks are needed for global climate issues & its not true. As a creator in harmony with nature, this belief does saddens me, as Mother Earth is being depleted by striping away of minerals. After burning off fossils, coal & oil, this next phase is to remove more exotic minerals for electric cars & trucks, yet solutions are simple. We don’t need to throw away the baby w/bathwater. Gas-diesel motors can be adapted easily to burn Methane & even better is Hydrogen. I have burned both in my vehicles 1st Methane comes or derives from any rotting organic materials. I’ve built Methane digestor out of 55 gallon tank a small weather balloon & some valves. Would ‘feed’ it with table scraps allowed to do natural process & rot in sealed tank, harvest the ‘gas’ then supply it to any gas engine. Output is power & exhaust with is water vapor, this is clean & works, as all organic matter rots & releases gas, wouldn’t it be better to utilize it. Those who feel cows put out too much Methane can stick a tube in cattle & harvest fumes! HAHA!

2ND is Hydrogen which is a little more difficult. Toyota & even BMW have worked on setting up a network of Hydrogen fueling stations with gas stations. Both BMW & TOYOTA have developed easy way to convert gas powered engines over to Hydrogen.

Grant you if we all fought together to bring both types of fuels together to power everything, then maybe those in charge of ‘Free energy devices’ will give up hold on technology over 60 yrs old. Wouldn’t that be nice! But its been long slow road as one step at a time for truth to become available.

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