"Jason Nuluck" is a pen name. I come up with random names for social media sites, just for fun. I've been mentally pronouncing the last name like "new luck." Not a contactee. Not in the SSP. Not in the cabal. No one special. Just someone trying to figure out my purpose in life. Might be a Lightworker / Starseed. Possible talents include being able to "hear" trees, and to use powerfully-strong emotions to transmute energy (hopefully for the good). Dream is to build a gigantic forest in or near Phoenix, Arizona, to bring green to the desert and to provide a place for previously-thought-to-be-extinct species to reemerge, such as the Hawaiian Kaua‘i ‘Ō‘ō bird (I think it's entirely possible that people like the Anshar might have saved a couple of these birds and other "extinct" species). I'd also like it to be a food forest (I actually want to just give the food away for free; I don't like the whole "business thing" where we have to pay to live on this planet; although I don't know how practical that will be), with a clearing/meadow where possible ET contact could happen, or group meditations outdoors. I kinda thought it would be cool to meditate in this forest, to make super-high-vibration food and then give that food out to people. I picture berry bushes being planted near the sidewalks, out by the road, and then kids walking by could grab a snack on their way to school or something. I'd be like a guardian or caretaker of this forest. I'm picturing at least 10 acres. I've seen a video of a forest that was planted over a desert area in Africa, and the guys said that Earth suddenly created a stream or small babbling brook through the trees, later on. The people didn't create the stream—that was totally Earth that just suddenly made it appear and it started flowing, one day. I think the same can happen in my forest, too. Maybe we could also use water harvesting methods (rainwater collection spots, fog harvesting, greywater harvesting from whatever tiny house I'd have on the land).