My name is Ayelet hashachar, an Israeli girl (65 years old) and a truth seeker at all levels. I make a living as a freelance graphic artist and a translator. However, I am officially in retirement, so these activities are much less regular compared to what it was a few years ago. I also care deeply about the eco system of planet Earth, love hiking in Nature, and I try to do things in my life that benefit everyone living here on this Earth, including all the other creatures that share with us this Earth. Many time I do these things without looking for any remunerations. My life style is very simple, and my financial status these days is probably below what most people in the west will consider as poverty line, even though I am a very happy person in general and am grateful for all I have and all that I can do and be. My house if full of many good books - most of which are related to the following subject matters: Yoga, Philosophy, different religions, alternative methods of medicine, Healing, and the unseen worlds of Nature. I was born in a kibbuts settlement by the Mediterranean sea 65 years ago. My father was at the time an engineer officer in a shipping company, and my mum was an English teacher. Both my formal and non-formal education was very good in many ways. It included Dancing, Playing the violin, Scuba Diving, Light Sailing Boats along the shores of Israel, Horse riding, Guiding groups of the Army on the ecology and habitats of the Israeli Deserts, and more. I love animals. I am Vegan. I love children. And I am an amateur enthusiastic gardener. I started Illustrating again in the last few years after a break for almost twenty years, and for some reason it feels as though my skills are even better than they were 20 years ago.