A thought process that lead to Self Love

A thought process that lead to Self Love

When you understand the principals of gravity and magnetism with quantum entanglement and psychonotic use of frequency, the “shot” and the attempt to literally control mass consciousness to maintain control makes more sense. The effort will be futile and will not last long, however many will be lost in the process. If people don’t wake up soon, I am not sure their understand the “gravity” (haha) of their soul-consciousness situation.

When I speak of things that seem like what normies would call “conspiracy theories” there is no longer some like “woahhh” “I can’t believe they are doing this” or “that is so out there”. No. It just is what it is and I try to live with as little system corruption as possible. Basically, trying to exist within the truth. That is such a hard thing to do right now. To authentically exist in a state of peace when you exist in the realm of the truth. But that being said all I ever did was decide to look behind the curtain. Disclosure is at every single humans’ fingertips. But it is a choice. I made the choice many years ago.

I find things are revealed to me as I am ready for them, all that is required is the openness of mind, and the ability to leave preconceptions behind. When I have the willingness to accept all things as possible, I can then use my internal “truth-o-meter” for my discernment. I know when something is iffy, and I know when something is true or real. I also believe that ANYTHING is possible, and that realm of anything is vast as my imagination shows me states and possibilities of existence that I really have no idea how to put into words.

I am learning as time goes on how truly blessed I am to have the mind and soul that I have. The things I get to see and experience for being me. My whole entire life I was taught I was not good enough or crazy. I believed it. I began the journey to love myself when I was 28. I will be 35 in a couple of week. I started by telling myself “I love you” in the mirror 3 times. That was so hard I could barely do it. I cried and hated myself. But now I know what it feels like to actually love myself. I go back to my “inner child” and I hold her and love her and reassure her. Now I am not going through the steps in hopes of feeling it. Now I feel it. And with that kind of self love anything is possible. Even living in peace in the truth while in this embodiment.

Because the metaphysical comes before the physical our thoughts are our reality and we can change that. I used to get angry at that notion because well, I think about having a lot of horses and land, and being off grid, and having a car that isn’t a piece of garbage. But now I understand what that truly means and the depth of it. Only by searching within can we find the value of self love to a more peaceful state of consciousness. This is where bravery lies because we all must take this leap of faith together. <3


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      1. Me too! It is truly profound to touch another form of consciousness experiencing the same but different experiences at the same time! Thanks for the friend invite. Will definitely keep in touch!

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