My personal balance model

Please note that this is a personal point of view from my limited understanding and it may not apply to everyone. However if it may be of help to at least one person the effort would have been worth it.

This is a rough model of my understanding of personal balance and growth. The pillars that support everything that happens in our life. In this model, each of the pillars has an impact in all the three aspects of the mind-body-spirit complex (taking the meaning from the law of one) but it is mostly related to a particular aspect. This model is to be seen as aspects of frequencies within us that defines how we view and experience reality. I define three pillars for each aspect (body, mind and spirit) and at the centre of the model is the One, the singularity.

Considering that everything is energy (frequencies) it seems logical that the energy each of us has at a particular moment determines the type and intensity of energy in each of the pillars. These energies are continuously changing. For example if we take the frequency when we feel stressed we can intuitively see how that frequency would translate into the nutrition, breathing, sleep, thoughts, let go, etc. during the time we are stressed.

I would argue that the other way around it is also true; meaning that we can work one of the pillars from a certain energy point of view (frequency) over a period of time and our whole energy of our mind-body-spirit complex will adjust. For example, when we consume high/low vibratory foods, or have positive/negative thoughts for a period of time, the energy of the whole complex is impacted and the other pillars tend to align to that frequency. Therefore, we can literally shape our life and experiences (thus reality) in any direction (frequency) we choose with just intention and work.

I will not try the ambitious task of going into detail on each pillar, the relationships between them, the connection to the three aspects of the mind-body-spirit complex, the different frequencies for each pillar and the related activities. I personally think that the most important thing is to do it and experience it by yourself.

When trying to understand anything in my life, I always find it easier to go back to this model where I can easily find the source of the current energy or situation and I can easily see ways to work in the direction I want. I have also found that the path to self-development is in service of all and we are responsible for our own enlightenment. Without elaborating, I have found that the work I do is a spiral and new doors will appear as I walk the path that I did not see before.

Let me know if you have any suggestions and comments based on your experiences. It is always very useful to see other points of view!

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