About the Mind/Body/Spirit Complex and the Higher Self (Your 6D You)

You and I are referred to as being a combination…. a Mind, Body and Spirit Complex according to the RA Material.

Some background on what the Higher Self is, as found in the Law of One, Session 36 (March 10, 1981). Channeled over 40 years ago.

The RA group is referred to as a (Mind/Body/Spirit Complex Totality).

Each component of that group knows its self in Totality…. and they have become a united form on its the path of becoming Oneness. They are the teachers of the information below.

The Higher Self is described as/is:

…… of a certain advancement within sixth-density going into the seventh

…… the higher self of every entity is of a sixth-density nature. This is an honor/duty of self to self as one approaches seventh density

…… a resource for examining the distillations of third-density experience and programming further experience. This is also true of densities four, five, and six

…… that self which exists with a full understanding of the accumulation of experiences of the entity

…… aiding the entity (Mind/Body/Spirit Complex) in achieving healing of the experiences which have not been learned properly

…… assists in further life experience programming

…… calling upon the mind/body/spirit complex totality (RA) just as the mind/body/spirit complex calls upon the higher self

……. having available to it the totality of experiences which have been collected by an entity and a very firm grasp of the lessons to be learned in this density

…… The mind/body/spirit complex totality is as the shifting sands and which is in some part a collection of parallel developments of the same entity. This information is made available to the higher self aspect. This aspect may then use these projected probability/possibility vortices in order to better aid in what you would call future life programming

…… the recipient of information known to the mind/body/spirit complex totality (RA) as some part a collection of parallel developments of the same entity (Mind/Body/Spirit Complex)

…… is moving to the mind/body/spirit complex as needed from a position in development of the entity which would be considered in the future of this entity

…… is aware of the lessons learned through the sixth- density. The progress rate is fairly well understood. The choices which must be made to achieve the higher self as it is, are in the provenance of the mind/body/spirit complex itself

…… like the map in which the destination is known; the roads are very well known, these roads being designed by intelligent infinity working through intelligent energy. However, the higher self aspect can program only for the lessons and certain predisposing limitations if it wishes. The remainder is completely the free choice of each entity. There is the perfect balance between the known and the unknown

…… itself a projection or manifestation of mind/body/spirit complex totality which then may communicate with the mind/body/spirit during the discarnate part of a cycle of rebirth or during the incarnation; may communicate if the proper pathways or channels through the roots of mind are opened

…… may be seen in either the positive or negative polarity depending upon the choice of a mind/body/spirit complex

My intuition tells me that for the most part, only those serious about the connection to Higher Self will read and attempt to comprehend what is said above. Glad you made it to the end.

As one who is studying Law of One, this is a good basic template for understanding. I believe that “Intuition” is the fiber that connects us to the Higher Self. We are the decision maker in 3D/4D and beyond.

Thought I’d share. Hoping to see some comments and discussions if there are any questions.  

Photo Credit:higherselfyoga.org

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  1. Love this! Also helpful to note that at some point in 6th density, all become positively polarized (or at least “the negative polarity is abandoned.”) From https://www.lawofone.info/c/Densities?su=Sixth

    78.25 Questioner: Then you are saying as a result of the polarization in consciousness that has occurred later in the galactic evolution, that the experiences are much more, shall I say, profound or deeper along the two paths. Are these experiences independent of the other path or must there be action across the potentiated difference between the positive and negative polarity, or is it possible to have this experience simply because of the single polarity? This is difficult to ask.

    Ra: I am Ra. We would agree. We shall attempt to pluck the gist of your query from the surrounding verbiage.
    The fourth and fifth densities are quite independent, the positive polarity functioning with no need of negative and vice-versa. It is to be noted that in attempting to sway third-density mind/body/spirit complexes in choosing polarity there evolves a good bit of interaction between the two polarities. In sixth density, the density of unity, the positive and negative paths must needs take in each other for all now must be seen as love/light and light/love. This is not difficult for the positive polarity, which sends love and light to all other-selves. It is difficult enough for service-to-self polarized entities that at some point the negative polarity is abandoned.

  2. A basic question: I am just beginning reading The Ra Material: if intuition could be considered a form of conduit, can negativity be measured in a capacity of resistance? Negativity does impede flow, no? Personally I do notice intuition is ratable and might be quantified; as in relation to ‘the high vibe state’ currently culturally known as ,’lit’ in The U.S..
    When we are lit, we are ‘on’! and therefore the reason for more efficient intuition?

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