Drunvalo Melchizedek

Please do not take anything as true; you need to experience it for yourself. This may not be for everybody but here it is: an esoteric teacher whose teachings I feel very close and profound and I have followed for over 10 years.

This is the most recent interview I found online which touches all the important topics today. Again a point of view but I feel the responsibility to share this:


I will not comment or go into the details of his teachings or his point of view, I very much respect the free will of each of us and the path we have. However, if anyone is interested let me know and I would very happy to discuss or debate any of this information. In my opinion the layers of knowledge and understanding he has are numerous and go deep and beyond this interview.

I will just highlight the most important message to me : “Don’t worry, be happy”.

I wish I could make everyone in the world feel for a minute the profound wisdom in that sentence that I feel so overwhelming in my heart, the true meaning of it in our reality and the universe. Everything will dissolve, all worries, all stress and you would find only peace and joy. I am aware that this may sound utopic or unrealistic, but do not forget that we all create our reality. What is the reality you want to create?

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  1. Dear Alejandro,
    I purposefully choose not too watch the video you recommend because I am already familiar with Drunvalo’s work. I agree with your viewpoint on his teachings and has transformed my journey to greater understanding. I feel your passion in the words you are writing. Music can be such a transformative experience both for the artist and the audience. When Drunvalo speaks of octaves I reflect back on music and how it can heal or change our moods. Thank you Alejandro.

  2. I’m smiling ,Alejandro, at the great message you see as most important. “Don’t worry, be happy” Nothing feeds less loosh than happiness. It’s no wonder spiritually minded people “get it”. The fear of death, of intimidation, of being unworthy and all fear can be overcome when it is accepted and understood that we are in an illusion and physicality is so very temporary in the big picture.

    I too found Drunvalo and his works, (Vol 1 & 2) of “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life” as eye opening, as listening to some of David Wilcock’s presentations on Gaia before I left that forum. This is all part of the process of awakening and recognizing ascension for what it is.
    I like that I resonate with your post and philosophy. There are indeed many teachers, authors and speakers and something good and positive can be found in them. Each contains a part of the “One”.

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