Words part 1

It seems like things are happening in real life now, and I’d like to write my experience. As you know, I am 21 years old; I have no military experience and am considered a semi-normal human being. I would also like to state I have never done drugs, so this was all completely sober. I have spoken about my dreams, but now I will discuss this reality. A year ago, after documenting another dream, I started my daily tasks. They were also known as homework. Everything was normal until I started seeing words in my vision. Or at least I thought they were in my vision until I closed my eyes and still saw them. They looked like a sunspot engrained into my vision. A stamp that I would see wherever I looked. The first time I saw the words, I freaked out.

I was trying to read for a psychology class, and I just began to accept the alien past I was piecing together. After trying to comprehend what had happened, the words disappeared. A few months later, they returned, and I could translate what they said. Well, perhaps translate is not the word. The words were “Shaheer Kreer Sareer Shatter Kreer Sareer,” which I later learned is a good luck charm. Once I accepted and remembered the words, they stopped appearing. At the time, they appeared six times. I thought the words were gone for good, but they reappeared on the 16th of February. This time, however, they were different, they were decipherable, and other words appeared.

A week in advance, I had spoken to a psychic to ask for guidance if the words were ever to reappear, and they told me to listen for a sound to decipher the message. So to decipher the message, I listened for a sound. The sound that started playing was a song called “Come As You Are by Nirvana” and once I listened to this song, the indecipherable words turned into “Message me” the message began to repeat, “message me, message me” I would lie if I said I found our who contacted me first try, so I’ll tell you how awkward this indeed was. I have a tiny friend group, and the idea of aliens is something they are not open to, so I messaged all of my friends, “Am I supposed to message you? I’m seeing words in my mind” you can guess how that went. One person thought I was dead after I didn’t reply to them, two others thought I was crazy, but the fourth, my new friend, who I shall not disclose their name, responded with, “do the words look like a sunspot with a little bit of purple?” I was shocked because It was exactly as they said. I was sick then, so even if I wanted to drive to Stuart, I could not. On another note, the repeating words turned into “Just messaged me” when I texted this friend. I asked what I should do, and they told me to drive with them to Stuart when I felt better. I also asked questions about who they were in the past. They said they were a wolf and told their story in great detail. I would not believe them if I did not see these wolves in my dreams before meeting them. When we first met, I felt they were the wolf, and my suspicion was correct. With this new information given, we shall call this friend Wolf. After ending the texting session with Wolf, we decided to drive to Stuart on the 19th. Ah, yes, the Park in Stuart, full of everything that I fear; wasps, bees, spiders, and spiders. Did I mention spiders? I have a massive fear of Spiders, and we basically had to go into the woods.

I was wearing a rain jacket, a turtle neck tank top, and jeans at the time. I yelled, “lead the way, Wolf!” as they took my hand and led me. I wish I could show you an image of how hilarious I looked—following my shorter friend ducking and holding my head while making many jokes. I looked ridiculous, and even though it was just me, Wolf, I knew for a fact we were being watched. We got through the woods and walked to the park. No more spiders! We kept following whatever pull we felt, I felt nothing, but Wolf felt something, so we continued walking. I had a strange feeling that we were supposed to return to a particular tree near the entrance to the woods at night. As we kept walking, we met two people, two people playing Frisbee golf. They were really nice and let us play the game for a bit. Out of pure exhaustion, I told them we were following a lead with the words Stuart and the vague idea of seeing these places in our dreams. A dream lead, he didn’t dismiss us and told us good luck. I doubt he will ever read this, but it was nice meeting you! I told Wolf that perhaps that is who we were supposed to meet, as everything happens for a reason. From then, we walked back to the car and called it a day. Next time we would return at night and get results. 

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  1. I don’t know much about alien languages in terms of having experiences with them, and the only time I could say I ever saw what might have been an alien symbol, was when I was trying to fall asleep when I was feeling very irritable and saw one in my minds eye, (Wish I could’ve drawn it, but I don’t remember it unfortunately) and I remember after I saw it, it made me feel very confident, peaceful and overall just positive. It is incredible that the repeating words eventually led you to your friend, who is also spiritual? If my interpretation is correct. I’ve never experienced anything that powerful like that. Well, I have probably experienced things that are powerful spiritually speaking, but nothing really that has been helpful or beneficial like it was for you, in finding your friend.

    When I began to have a number of very spiritual experiences (that ultimately landed me in the hospital because of how unstable it made my mind) I also told my friends through text message about the experiences. Unfortunately it was from my own panicked state of mind that I reached out to them for help, not from a spiritual source telling me to do so, which would have been a lot more interesting and probably comforting to be honest. In hindsight though, it would be considered very embarrassing, but luckily I don’t feel any lingering embarrassment from it today. But also like you, I found out that one of my friends was spiritually awake as they say, and understood me and even helped me during that time.

    Overall though your experiences were very interesting to read, so thank you for sharing them. You are also a very good artist! I am also an artist (set to become one professionally at least), but I have some natural talent to start off with. I once drew an image of a light purple amphibian-looking extraterrestrial that I met in a lucid dream. If I can find it, I would love to show you it sometime, if you are interested.

    1. Of course! I didn’t know there were so many artists here. Did you see the sketch of the Grey Alien Emperor? He’s the one who’s guiding me. Don’t worry; I know he’s not a bad ET, he works with the independent cause that was mentioned at the end of one of Corey’s videos. I know this because the Emperor told me about that cause before the video did. Plus not seeing a shadows and seeing nothing but white lights in the sky are a good sign.

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