The key to awakening ( ) has everything to do with the removal of soul traps. What exactly is a soul trap? The simple answer is that they are the blocks in your energy system aka chakras that are formed by fear and pain. Your parents are the first ones to lay a soultrap upon you. In nearly all cases they use fear (authority) and pain (corporal punishment) to control you.

Control is in fact the MO of a soul trap. The way it works is the will of the soul gets put in check by the parents due to their perceiving it to be endangering you, so naturally they commit to the act of breaking your heart. They believe that if they didn’t do it that someone else will and they wish for you to be prepared. To an extent, they were correct, due to them not having found the path themselves and inevitably pass on their misdirections to you to figure out. This is how generational curses work.

Your soul, if unchecked by spirit, would do whatever it desires unhindered and this is one aspect of the joy of awakening, however, doing so without honor and accountability not only creates a very dangerous potential outcome to the preservation of the body (because world authorities very much kill anyone and everyone that is not soul trapped at the first opportunity), it can lead the soul into great evil because in fact without spirit, the soul is like that of an animal which is ruled by the beast. The christians call it reprobate mind.

The two most common traps are heart chakra blocks and sacral blocks. Heart blocks are the primary because there lies the key to life. It is the actual location of the tree of life where which all potential resides. Sacral blocks are caused by a wide range of reasons. For men it is most commonly the circumcision. For women it is the shame put on them by societal norms.

The more extreme cases are due to sexual molestation/assault which occurs often to either gender at a very young age. In these cases the damage done is extremely painful to process. I myself was molested at the age of four and I had struggled most my life with processing it.

The removal of a block can take a long time (though it doesn’t have to), however the easiest way to explain the path would not be to tell you all the ways you are being trapped but to depict for you the circumstances you wish to create in order to free up the blockage. The primary way is to establish complete sovereignty. Yes, that even means from jobs. If you have to answer to anyone, you are trapped. There can be no authority beyond your own in regard to YOUR decisions.

I’m sure your mind is conjuring a whole plethora of excuses as to why one could not possibly awaken as you read this but I’m telling you now, there is a path for each of you.

try starting here: and most importantly, here:

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