Updates Begin - Alien Armadas, ICC Leadership disappearances & Exposing Ufology Corruption

Corey Goode

Please Share EVERYWHERE! Since making the details public about our upcoming Shock Documentary Series that will reveal the criminal extortion, theft, corruption, infiltration, manipulation, and other disgusting behaviors from Public Figures and Gurus in the Disclosure and Spiritual Lightworker community we have had a number of people come forward to tell their stories. We are hearing horror stories of being taken advantage of financially and manipulated into sexual acts that have done irreparable damage to their spiritual path – in some cases causing emotional breakdowns that will take years to recover from.

Some of the most well-known names in the Disclosure and Esoteric Spiritual Movements are involved in extremely disgusting and corrupt behavior that includes sexual abuse of their followers. If you have information on public figures who have been running corrupt organizations or who have been taking advantage of their followers sexually or financially please contact us. If you have information on the coordinated discrediting and cyber-bullying campaigns against myself or other individuals please contact us immediately.

Your anonymously provided evidence and information or video testimony could be used in our new series of documentaries that are going to expose the seedy underbelly of the Disclosure and Esoteric Spiritual movements and help protect others from falling into the same trap that thousands of well-intentioned people have found themselves in.

We need brave whistleblowers and informants to come forward to help transform the Disclosure and Esoteric Spiritual Communities into a safe and inspirational place for the benefit of everyone coming them for growth and guidance during their awakening process.

Disclosure starts at home and only YOU can make these communities safer places for everyone. Contact us at [email protected] to open up the conversation.
Corey Goode
LightwarriorLegalFund.org for more details.


  1. Hi Corey,
    Just wanted to let you know whoever handles problems with computer access to your website provided excellent customer service & resolution to my problem within 24 hrs. Thank you!

  2. Hi Corey
    I’m with you 100% excited for your next SSP update. I may not come in a lot as I don’t trust most platforms. I’ve had extensive exposure to extraterrestrial craft as if they’re following me. I’m going to continue to stay silent and not add my data to the main stream as we’ve been compromised as you know. I am watching you from back here if it’s necessary for me to get involved or to add my data which I feel is really only significant to myself I will do so without a second thought for you. I understand the monetary system but if we’re going to get on board and get more people involved we have to stop charging for classes. I feel I’m losing some of the people that I’ve worked on so hard over this issue. Thank you for this platform I hope it remains uncompromised for as long as possible. Love and light always till last breath In this reincarnation in my Ascension to the sixth.

    1. That’s all I needed to hear, stop charging! 

      You have restored my faith in you “” Phillip “”

      Everyone needs to work together. Our situation is not going to be fixed by someone/ something else. Unless we take a Real stand ourselves. It’s one thing to talk about it. It is another thing to act on it. Our world is falling apart. Most In our country only care about this country. It’s not there fault. It’s what they have been taught. There is a huge task at hand.someone needs to set a example, and take the leap. I could go on. But sadly it will never be read. Love to all. Forgive all 

  3. Thanks Corey for Staying in Touch with your Dedicated Audience, I have studied the Paranormal and the Secret Black OPs. Military Complex for over 20 years. Your Desire to get the Truth out about All these Different Alien Groups is Mind Blowing for the Common Man–Sad, but most of my family thinks that I am Crazy when I tell them about some of your Content over the years. Hopefully before Jesus comes back, some form of Disclosure will be Allowed for All the World to See….

  4. Hi, Corey, thanx for taking us on that walk around Bear Lake with Stacey. I’m always glad to hear your up-dates. I’m going to try to find all those previous videos you filmed 12 back. I joined your Ascension Works TV–just looking for passwds. Thanks for all your hard work. Lightworking Starseed, Mona