Supernatural Girlz SHOCKING TELL ALL Interview w/Corey Goode

Corey Goode

Thanks to Patricia & Michelle for this recent interview with Corey! From December 7th. Their website is:

Some Timestamps:

5:25 Corey starts discussing some history
7:44 Lawsuit Discussions
20:15 Rumors about Corey
23:58 Rumors about ECETI
25:45 Corey’s Advice to content creators
29:26 Twisting Narratives
31:47 Films covering the Community
36:35 Other Recent Projects
38:36 ET & SSP Discussions Begin


  1. I’ve always had positive discernment from Corey, watched all the interviews. I let my guides steer me. I have found that every thing is connected. Old codex’s book from Egypt and India’s old writings. And I am now following the Alliance trying to wake up the masses too. Good interview.

  2. Yea. We watched Jason Rice on Gaia. At first it was amazing and interesting. Then they brought in the hypnotist. That was it. It is so obvious that it was faked. And I really didn’t get good vibes from the host. Something was evil. Corey, no worries here. We got your back. Can’t wait for the series. Good luck on the lawsuits.!

  3. I’m listening to this right now! So many Truth bombs being shared that I felt were going on this last couple of years just didn’t have confirmation until I hear on this radio show. Shout outs to Patricia and Michelle for being such amazing hosts. 

    Thank you Corey for continually being a beacon for Truth. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  4. I wish I had heard this years ago. I only heard the most trivial hints about Gaia until now, not nearly enough to piece together into a conclusion. I had no idea what was happening with Gaia and Jason Rice manufacturing a narrative, justified by the sophistry that the public “needs hope after COVID”.

    I canceled my Gaia subscription immediately on having heard this recording. But meanwhile, I had listened to a lot of “Cosmic Disclosure” episodes (all of them to date!), having no idea much of it was a manufactured narrative.

    Disgusting! Whether deceived by the bad guys or the “good guys”, deception is still evil. There is no such thing as a good intention behind deception.

    I should have known when I heard Tim, the German guy, claiming that artificial intelligence is OK, just another form of life. I always found something a little creepy about him, perhaps because of the way he presents everything in the universe as morally neutral. I disagree! Good and evil exist through the lower dimensions, and we define ourselves by our choices. Just labeling everything as “neutral” means siding with evil, for it is uniquely evil that tries to frame moral choices as irrelevant.

    Thank you, Corey, for finally making a clear statement, so that we, your followers, could make an informed choice about competing narratives. I wish I had heard this years ago.

  5. In many ways I guess it was a blessing in disguise when they deactivated my Facebook account in 2018 for sharing the truth, and I consequently lost contact with the spiritual community.

    Though it was a very dark and lonely time personally for me where I was largely estranged from soul family while going through a very contentious marital separation, for the most part, I was spared all the drama and mean spirited attacks on Corey and the spiritual community at large.

    Whilst experiencing a mass spiritual purification of sorts, I intuitively feel a physical soul family reunion is at hand and will support and assist Corey’s efforts in uniting the community once again.

    The challenges I personally face being an unvaxxed Canadian where international travel is concerned following the push for covid passports, is discouraging to say the least, but I trust nothing can stop the massive quickening and worldwide awakening occurring at present, and we will find a way to unite and utilize our gifts to bring the truth to light en mass!

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