Quick Update - Zulu ET Group Intel & Orion Group invades the LOC Videos on the way

Corey Goode

Here’s a quick update on the Zulu ET Group Intel and Orion Group invades the LOC videos will be on the way.

Corey Goode Written SSP Updates: https://ascensionworks.tv/groups/corey-goode-updates/


  1. With everything going on,I’m not afraid I’m kinda confused there only a few people that I Trust. I’ve never thought that J.B. was anything but a puppet. I felt in my heart that Mr trump was still our president. I’m stuck on flat earth stuff that’s what I’m confused about I’ve never thought about it. What is the ice wall. Why can’t they tunnel through it ,does it really seal it’s self back up. Why are we only in Earth’s orbit . Why can’t we see real pictures of the earth . I believe that our military is fighting real evil. I just want to know if I live on a round earth or a flat something. Nothing I can do if I live in a holographic fake world. Maybe the only way we can leave is jump gates or portals. Thank you. Just had to vent a little.i love what your doing for us. I’m sorry what was done to you. Epicphoneman

  2. I am concerned that these events could progress a lot faster than anticipated. Today the Queen of England was officially declared dead. What other major events could occur, and how quickly?
    Per world news, things are looking pretty bad on Earth right now. Those of us who are trying to stay aware even as things fall apart around us would value good data delivered as quickly as is humanly possible.

  3. I have a Tarot deck. I haven’t learned how to use it for divination. Can you offer some good points of insight on grasping what’s important in its meaning. And use it for divination/discernment?
    So far, I have learned the cards represent architypes. How do I learn resonance to my understanding?