New Updates while on a Mountain Drive w/Corey & Stacy Goode

Corey Goode

Corey and Stacy Goode discuss recent updates while driving a mountain road in Boulder. Colorado. More updates to come!
Graphic Novel:
Corey’s Projects:
Surviving Ascension:



  1. Its not fun defending against demonic forces, I understand very much what you have and are going through. The best TV station in the UK is RT. They have taken that off the air. These were British journalist that broke away from the BBC and others influences. They were more questioning and brazen with their take on this warped reality we are all in! Putin, I wasn’t worried about as regards RT. He wasn’t a voice piece of the station. Truth gets shut down where ever we are sadly.

  2. Amazing scenery in Colorado! Thanks for sharing!!!!
    The sound on my iPhone was turned all the way up and the volume was still a little low.
    Thanks for what you do for us.
    God Bless🙏

  3. Gosh, I envy your surrounding landscapes overthere. The Netherlands is so crowded, no far views without industry, housing estates, windmills and traffic roads. The few islands in the North are a refuge only, for a walk far from civilisation and “noise”. And parts of our N. West coast to be honest.

    Thank you, bunches, Corey and Stacey, I can sense how the both of you have made an intense journey together, now joining your strength and standing strong enough to begin to both support others in our Ascension Work. Nurturing both ways to and fro is the best fertilizer to move forward.
    Safe journey and may your efforts grow into beautiful connections and inspire thriving communities. Online and on Terra Firma. We shall need to start co-operate and share creatively. Resilience is gold.

  4. Nice! We’ve been in the same mode. No MSM and concentrating on doing what makes me happy. And creativity! Developing new products for my online shop and having some fun! And… getting kicked off Fakebook for dropping Truth Bombs! Lol! It’s crazy out there, so creating beauty at home!

  5. Corey and Stacy, thank you for this video. It helped me realize that I was plugged into too much media, which was negatively affecting my emotions – so I eliminated most of it. This really is an information war full of confusing and contradictory fake commentary, and I don’t need that polluting my energy field.

  6. Nice crisp and clear video. Thank you for sharing your drive with the beautiful views. Loved it! Word of advice…
    you mentioned about cutting cords. Cords need to be pulled out because if you cut cords they still remain with you. Love your work and I am with you 100%. Keep up the great work. Sounds like you have alot of balls in the air and hope it doesn’t stress you out too much. Bigger isn’t always better. You look tired with dark circles under your eyes. Please take care of yourself.

  7. It is so Lovely where you are. It is for sure the place to live I absolutely LOVE TREES. You can’t help but to be in alignment around all of that Breathtaking scenery. I am so happy for the two of you. You deserve all that comes to you.
    Love&Light, Shareen Wolf

  8. Thank You Corey and Stacy for the updates and the Fantastical Eye Candy of Beautiful Mother Gaia. Summer where I am, enjoying the fragrant aromas of blossom from the native trees. Much Love to All

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