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Liam & La'El - Disclosure Summit

The Disclosure Summit (2024)

Liam Erelim introduces himself and La’El Ofanim, and discusses their experiences and work in training psychic abilities. They share personal stories about their abductions and contacts with otherworldly beings. This presentation also describes an interdimensional agency they work for, performing missions that “jump” across timelines to maintain the balance of free will and prevent external interference in human affairs. With volunteers from the audience, they demonstrate that we can access information through psychic frequency reading, emphasizing that anyone can develop these abilities with training and practice.

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  1. I have watched some of your episodes “time jumpers” I found it interesting. I felt references of TV series such as sense 8 as a form of referencing what you are talking about. In consciousness. Obviously yours is different but when looking for images of consciousness jumping. That would be one of the shows besides avatar because the style is different with that movie.
    Thank you for sharing.