Congressional UAP Briefing Leaked! What the Pentagon Knows - Corey Goode - Disclosure Summit

The Disclosure Summit (2024)

In this talk, Corey presents a series of briefings he received about non-human intelligence and its impact on humanity. He discusses extraterrestrials, adjacent dimensions, and a force manipulating human consciousness through various phenomena. Corey emphasizes the importance of inner work to combat the negative energies and concludes by acknowledging the unsettling nature of the information shared.

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  1. Thank you for posting this Corey. I wasn’t able to afford the summit meet online. So I’m grateful you posted this here. I’m left reflecting, and processing these briefings.
    Thank you for sharing what the ETs/ED are aware of. It helps a bunch.

  2. I think this info is kind of a relief because it helps to explain why humanity keeps spinning in negative circles for all time. Despite having such amazing, beautiful qualities we seem to so often go down the road of ego. To stay balanced amidst this chaos seems to be the exception. Seems sad as if cards are stacked against us. I feel that, at this point, this country and elsewhere are trauma breeders. It’s rare to be raised in a family of love and safety in this time of manufactured scarcity and fear. Pursuing financial stability, in itself is destabilizing in this time. I can see the potential for a balanced world but the likelihood seems slim. I try to live a very protected life, only allowing a very few people to be close to me. So much pain, confusion and lostness out there, too many insecurities which often lead to misunderstandings and possible conflict. I hope everyone learns to honor themselves, the beauty and unique miracle that they are and not fall prey to shallow, external measures of themselves.

  3. I agree with everything in the presentation, and it’s good that Corey doesn’t understand it all and wants to disagree in parts, it shows that everyone has some level of distorted perception, and it can only be that way due to the nature of the way our brain functions… understanding is that we are accumulating 660 million years of work against this thing on this planet, a planet that formed from the reminants of another planet in the 4th Dimension, that ended with old age and exploded, and that enabeled it to escape the quarantine the universe had put around it. We are repeating exactly what happened on that planet, with all players in place and playing out the rolls.
    This is a continuation of a repeating reality with 1000s of variations. This time the universe is fully aware of the programs that appear in order to divert the course of evolution and elevation. This is the last cycle we have to go through, but the work is not done yet, the cycle we are in still has 7000 years to play out. And that only gets us Past Level 3. Plane 3. Dimension 3. Out of 9.9.9. This is the digestive system of the universe, it claims everything positive and useful and recycles it into new creations. Our body replicates the dimensions, energy centres, also called chakras, and our thoughts are connected to one and/or another energy centre and anyone can pick it up who is at the same vibration, and, the conversion of thoughts is our Job. That’s the energy that exists forever and can only be transformed through life experiences. That’s what makes up our Soul, the accumulation of our thoughts. The Job is to change our mind and turn our thoughts into positive useful thoughts, the negative ones already exist and are waiting to take over your life, because only you can make them real and make them physical.

  4. While this is a lot to sit with and process, you also offer practical advice so that we’re not without hope. It always comes back to inner work and balance between heart and intellect. Thank you, Corey.